Project FAB! 4 Step Framework for Personal Style & Image Confidence 

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nothing to wear 
feeling frumpy  
wardrobe stuffed 
want to enjoy your clothes 
sick of wasting money 
Learn about yourself and your personal style by following my 4 step framework. 
The 4 Steps are 
1: Style 
2: Shades 
3: Shape 
4: Sustain 




Get clear on WHAT you like and WHY you like it and HOW to put amazing outfits together with ease. 
Learn my WHY some things work and others don't so you can make informed decisions. 
You’ll buy fewer items, yet wear more of your wardrobe, become style savvy and enjoy expressing yourself. 


This step is about working out why you like what you like and WHAT your PERSONAL STYLE actually is. 
When you have this bit sussed all of sudden it becomes clear why you have things in your wardrobe that you never wear and why that necklace that aunty Bridget bought you for your 40th birthday has never seen the light of day. You’ll be able to stop wrestling with those hangers in your wardrobe as you no longer compromise and have a streamlined wardrobe that makes you smile when you open it. 
Covering topics such as first impressions, your style personality and style recipe 
This step is about working out YOUR best colours to wear and how to put them together, so they truly ENHANCE your features. 
When you have your colour, palette sorted you will save time and money because the items in your wardrobe will all coordinate beautifully, shopping becomes easier and more focused PLUS you’ll have a radiance about your skin and your eyes will sparkle. You’ll be leaving the boring black behind as you feel invigorated and excited to bring colour into your world. 
Covering topics such as colour analysis, signature colours, rescuing colours 
This step is where you learn about YOUR body type, shape and proportions so you can select styles that work with you rather than against your natural shape. 
When you know about style guidelines it becomes obvious why that jacket has never looked right on you but looks amazing on your friend Karen. You will be able to quickly and easily filter out those less than confidence building clothes that really aren’t doing you any favours. 
Covering topics such as shape, type, proportion, enhancing and disguising 
This step is where you begin to analyse HOW to make your wardrobe work for you in a practical way so that the contents are earning their keep. 
When you start to look at your lifestyle needs and shop savvily to there’s no more buying for buying’s sake or having loads of nice going out clothes but nothing that lights you up for work. You’ll know where your wardrobe gaps are, and shop with focus, so that you end up buying fewer items but actually loving and wearing those that you’ve got.  
Covering topics such as capsule concepts, levels of dressing, workhorses and heroes 




Enjoy your wardrobe as you explore and experiment with colours and styles in new ways. 
Let your personal style convey the person you are today across all areas of your life. 
Feel comfortable and confident that you are wearing clothes that are just perfect for YOU. 
"I have increased confidence, and a better sense of my place in the world and my identity. " 

Step 1 

Step 2 

Step 3 

Step 1: Choose which Project FAB! package is the right one for you & select your payment method. 
Step 2: You'll receive a welcome email with log on details and further instructions right away.  
Step 3: You will start your exciting journey of exploring your essence and identity and how to convey using colour and clothes. 

Be a flamingo amongst the flock of pigeons! 

Project FAB! 
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