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I know you want to enjoy networking. You want to feel part of a supportive community and look forward to meetings that leave you feeling energised. 
The problem is with many networking events you've plastered on a fake smile and had to make small talk with folk you have nothing in common with. Well, there's no more making do! 
FAB Network is for women who want: 
a down to earth vibe 
personal development & business training  
to feel welcomed, no judgement 
to make a difference with their business 
no cliqueyness  
to avoid the twee 
thriving online community 
second to none peer support 
a sense of camaraderie 
monthly networking meetings  
Networking can be enjoyed rather than endured - a whole load more fun when you’re amongst your tribe! Much better than spending time schmoozing with people who just aren’t on your wavelength. 
Birds of a feather networking together. A celebration of women in their power in an environment where that is embraced. 
Let me introduce you to the FAB network. 
A networking and personal development community for women who want to feel empowered, enlightened, entertained and energised as part of their working day. A safe space to hang out, to experience collective wisdom and have honest conversations around business on the good days and the bad. A place to be YOU. 
We are a hybrid networking (online and F2F meetings) group. It’s women only, no professional lock out and the meetings are structured yet informal with a focus on personal and business development. This is done by tapping into the wealth of experience of the members – and because we’re mostly sassy queenagers there’s TONS of that! 
Here we are at the first meeting online May 2022 
September 2022 our second meeting 'in the room'. 
Enjoy a sense of BELONGING. Feel part of a TRIBE that embraces strength and confidence. 
Tap into the collective WISDOM of your peers. A business community where you'll learn, THRIVE and grow.  
Enjoy CONNECTING with other sassy queenagers, experience camaraderie and have FUN while you network.  
The community breeds infectious VITALITY and ENTHUSIASM. We are there for the good days and bad.  
'Solidarity, strength, support, success. Brilliant conversation and high energy...I'm so excited about this community...this is just the beginning of something that'll rock the foundations of women's networking in the best way. It's special. It's fresh. It's what we've been waiting for.' 
Taz Thornton - Super Soul Coach & Speaker 


The FAB Network is a supportive business club where peers can learn from each other and lean on each other if required. There's no expectation for you to bring referrals to meetings or even do business with each other. It’s about community first, then if business happens organically between members that’s a bonus.  
It’s a space where you can metaphorically fling off your bra and connect with other women in business who are fed up of not being *seen* or feeling like they can’t fully be themselves. It’s about peer support, women empowering women and proper human connection. *Seeing* each other, getting to know, like and trust, and having fun whilst running our businesses. It’s ultimately a space where you are encouraged to be more you. 
It’s for women in business who are resilient and strong. You might’ve paid the price for that status, probably labelled negatively and stereotyped by others. The community is for women with sass who have probably been told they’re too ‘something’ at some point. Too loud, too assertive, too confident, too whatever...dare I say - usually by people who feel jealous or threatened.🙊 
The network is really special. We are hard wired to connect. We need to feel part of a community where we can be ourselves, share our business problems and challenges, celebrate the good stuff and recognise our achievements. It's got the most amazing vibe going on. It’s women empowering women and providing a circle of support. 
As women in business, it feels good to know there is a tribe of likeminded peers who have your back. If you’re looking for your tribe, somewhere to feel connected, be open and sometimes vulnerable, not tread on eggshells and look to peers for inspiration and support - the FAB Network could be it.  
Step 1: Choose which FAB! membership package is the right one for you & select your payment method. 
Step 2: You'll receive a welcome email with log on details and access to member benefits right away.  
Step 3: Welcome! Connect, have conversations and enjoy having fun with other FAB-U-LOUS business women in the community. 
'I felt seen the first time I joined the FAB online networking group, and felt not only safe but entirely confident about attending in my PJ's.' 
Debs Carey  
'Thanks all for a warm welcome and a FAB experience at my first meeting yesterday. What a group of splendid women! Brilliant idea and execution.' 
Sarah McNicol 
'I love the fact that the FABBERS don't need ego to vie for 'top dog'. Everyone is appreciated for being themselves...an ego free zone is so refreshing.' 
Dr Jenny Gordon 
I'd love you to join us! 
You can attend twice as a visitor to check out the vibe and decide if membership is for you, simply buy a ticket for the meeting you want to attend. 
OR if you have any questions about the membership options please get in touch  
Meanwhile remember to always be a flamingo amongst the flock of pigeons. 
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