A large proportion of the population would be pooping their pants if they’re asked to stand in front of a room of people and speak. Not me. I’m one of those who loves being given the opportunity to take centre stage. 
I don’t necessarily mean with a microphone or a massive audience. In fact, I prefer talking to fairly small groups so that I can connect with them and it feels more intimate. I’m a conversational trainer type, imparting my knowledge through sharing stories.  
One of my favourite talks to deliver is ‘Are Your Pants Affecting Your Profit/Confidence?’. (The last word changes depending on my audience.) 
When I say pants I mean the UK ones aka knickers, not trousers. I invite my audience to think about the different types of metaphorical pants they wear and the impact they might have on their business/life. It’s a lighthearted way of looking at a deeper subject. 
"Lisa is an engaging storyteller whose persona sits naturally on the stage. She uses her life stories, to keep her audience engaged in what she knows, while at the same time delivering a powerful message. I would recommend Lisa as a natural speaker at any event."  
Derek Fraser Crosson, Transformational Speaker 
"Lisa is great fun to work with. Her workshops are engaging, enjoyable and interactive. Full of advice and colour, Lisa really knows her stuff." Laurie Morgen, Diversity & Inclusion Trainer 


Yes! Thirty! And I'm not counting from the junior school assembly either. I worked in further and higher education for many years so I've been standing at the front of the room speaking for a long time.  
I love training and I'm happy to deliver presentations and workshops as well a keynote talks.  
I use my personal skills, knowledge and experience to educate and inspire my audience. I have a collection of talks/workshops/masterclasses that I'm adding to regulary, equally I'm happy to discuss your needs and tailor the session accordingly.  
"I have been lucky to attend an event where Lisa delivered an amazing talk. She shared her own experiences and struggles with honesty and humour. She has turned her experiences into an exciting business where she supports her clients and helps them to feel amazing. 
"Lisa has a brilliant style of delivering her message, the audience is completely mesmerised by her story and then she quickly has everyone laughing with her sense of humour." Jacqui McPeake, Food Allergen Consultant 


I'm passionate about paying it forward and am happy to be approached by women's groups and charity organisations. While I'm committed to accepting as many of these as possible, sometimes I may need to politely decline in favour of paid work - thank you for your understanding.  
"Lisa is amazing. I learned so much in even a short time in her presence - both through her excellent advice and listening to her talk. Speakers don't come much more engaging than Lisa. She is entertaining, inspiring and funny. A joy to watch and listen to. What's more - when she rocks up to the stage, you can TELL she's a style coach - she practises what she preaches." Pam Case, LinkedIn Trainer & Motivational Speaker 
"I had the absolute pleasure of attending a workshop at MIBA Nottingham recently where Lisa was guest speaker. It’s one of my favourite workshops yet. She’ was serious, funny, friendly and highly knowledgeable all on one." Alex Preston, Craft Beer Retailer 
"I met Lisa on at a networking event and was highly recommended by a couple of her customers that I was sitting with. Lisa has now run 2 style events for Henpicked which were absolutely fabulous. She's great to work with and more than a style expert - she gives women their confidence back through helping them understand their style personality and rock their individual look. I've already recommended Lisa's online style course to many women and will do again." Deborah Garlick, Henpicked 


"Being in the audience as Lisa spoke, I felt included and welcomed into her world of expertise about colour. She is engaging and personable and I love the way she uses humour to involve everyone. You will come away from Lisa's events feeling lifted and far more knowledgeable in the art of colour and styling." Lee-ann Cordingley, Clinical Sexologist 
"Lisa is a speaker who, through the power of storytelling and stage presence, delivers her message in a way that keeps the audience engaged. Her cheerful personality shines through, as does her passion for empowering women through style and colour. Lisa is an authority in her field and if you have the chance to hear her speak, do it. You won’t regret it." Alisa Barcan, Business Mentor 
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