Will the style stuff work online? 
I have trialled my methods extensively and have 100% faith in the fact that I can help you feel empowered to dress with confidence both on and offline. 
What if I don't understand style and design stuff? 
It is my job to make sure that you do fully understand. I use my many years’ experience of teaching in adult education, 
training delivery and coaching methods to ensure that my clients ‘get it’. 
If one way doesn’t work for you, I will draw on different techniques until the penny drops. 
What if I feel guilty about spending so much money? 
All I can do is tell you and your business ARE worth it, it is up to you to believe it. Think about what you stand to gain from investing the money and then the ripple effect this will have on your business and all other 
areas of your life. 
Also, tot up how much money you have spent over the years 
on clothes that have ended up unworn and gone to the charity shop eventually – this will come to an end once you’ve implemented my teachings. 
Should wait until I’m slimmer? 
Life is too short to wait. 
The principles you will learn are going to serve you whatever the scales say. 
The journey you will take will help you look and feel good regardless of your shape or size – even if it changes up or down. 
What if I’m not sure about working in a group? 
That’s fine. I have a range of options including one to one, group and self-study. 
My one-to-one coaching gives you complimentary access to my gorgeous community too, it’s entirely up to you whether you engage here or not. 
You may find it’s a fun space to hang out and be with likeminded women to chat about your experiences and join in eventually. 
Or you might not, either way it will be your choice, there's no pressure. 
What if the style stuff seems frivolous and shallow to my family and friends? 
That might be because they don’t understand how I work. You will learn from working with me that part of the process is about disregarding what other’s think. 
The thing is they don’t have to know unless you tell them. I never disclose my client’s identity without their permission so your secret will be safe with me. 
Of course, they may notice the changes in how you look and feel when you are raising your visibility, and feel empowered to dress with confidence. They might ask what your secret is. That will be up to you to reveal it. 
Do I have to ditch clothes I love if you tell me they don’t suit me? 
My work is all about helping you look and FEEL good. I don’t actually ‘tell’ you to wear anything. I will, however, teach you to understand why things feel right or they don’t’. 
If you love something, I’d be encouraging you to wear it with pride because it will make you FEEL good. 
What if I find out that nothing I have actually suits me? 
You don’t know what you don’t know, and you will never be made to feel uncomfortable for making perceived mistakes. 
My way of working is much more about encouraging and guiding you to make choices that feel right for you rather than dictating rules. We would always look at tweaking things that you already own so that you FEEL good. 
What if I feel overwhelmed? 
You’ll be guided through everything step by step and you decide on the pace at which you work. 
Remember too that you will have 12 months with me, whether you choose one to one or group coaching and that will give you time to implement the changes and I can hold your hand throughout. 
Many of my clients stay on to work with me beyond their initial package as they can see the longer-term benefits of undertaking a sustainable learning journey. 
How will it help my business? 
Working with me will save 
you time and money as well as boosting your business branding so that you magnetically attract your ideal clients and accelerate the buying process. 
The whole experience will help you communicate what you actually want to say about yourself and your business. 
It's about self-expression, fun, visibility and identity. Amplifying who you are so that you look and feel good which is a total confidence booster. And when you feel confident everything else slots into place. 
How long have you been doing this? 
I started my business in 2014 drawing on my many years of working with colour and design due to my background in make-up, textiles and fashion plus my experience as a lecturer in further and higher education. 
My passion now is to help women in business shine bright so they reflect their FABULOUSNESS and doing themselves justice. 
Which is why the FAB Business Club membership has these silver & gold options 
Do you do any free stuff? 
I have freebies on my website. Follow me on social media and sign up to my weekly blog to be kept up to date with details. I always offer Golden Tickets for your first visit to a FAB Network meeting 
What actually happens? 
The first part of us working together is usually a chat. I need to know what you are hoping to get out of your time with me so I'll ask lots of questions. It helps me to understand where you are coming from and the best way for us to work together as we plan your bespoke pathway to personal style, brand & image confidence. Check out my client stories and case study blogs - get it from the horses mouth. 
Do you do talks and presentations? 
I most certainly do! I use my personal skills, knowledge and experience to educate and inspire my audience. I have a collection of talks/workshops/masterclasses that I'm adding to regulary, equally I'm happy to discuss your needs and tailor the session accordingly. Check out my speaker page for more details.  
I just want a quick fix for a special occasion, can you help? 
In this instance I'd advise a Personal Style and Branding Strategy Session.  
You can choose an Online session : Video or phone call for when you need a bit of expert advice to work out what you actually want/need your clothes to say plus 3 months follow up support via WhatsApp OR a F2F session : Hands on advice in the comfort of your own home in front of your wardrobe plus one month follow up support via WhatsApp 
Do you work with all shapes and sizes? 
Absolutely yes! Everyone has their own, unique body shape, size and proportions. Body Shape is one of the key areas we would look at to figure out your best styles that enhance and flatter you and disguise the things you aren't so happy with. We're all different but you're perfectly YOU. 
How long before I see results? 
You can apply the advice from your session(s) immediately based on what you already have in your wardrobe. You might have a wishlist to fill the gaps and want to go shopping but it's not always essential to do that before you start to see a transformation. It's best to let things happen organically than rush the process though. 
Will I have to get rid of things I love wearing? 
My aim is to work with you so that you develop your personal style and learn what colours and clothes make you look and feel good. If you have something that you love wearing I expect it makes you feel good…so no. If you LOVE it who cares? 
Do you work with men? 
Absolutely yes for personal style and branding! I just don't aim my marketing at them. If you're interested in working with me please book a quick chat to discuss your needs and then I'll be able to advise you about the best way forward. 
Can you come to my house? 
In this instance I'd advise a face to face Personal Style and Branding Strategy Session.  
Hands on advice in the comfort of your own home in front of your wardrobe plus one month follow up support via WhatsApp. 
Book in for a quick chat first so we can discuss your needs. 
Does colour analysis work for Asian/Black skin? 
Absolutely! The principles of colour analysis apply whatever your skin tone. It's always about your unique combination of skin, hair and eyes. When you wear the colours that suit you best you'll have a lovely glow and shadows are eliminated - it's like magic! 
Colour is my absolute geek out area of expertise, I guarantee 100% accurate results.  
Do you have client testimonials? 
I have 160+ reviews on Facebook/Google/LinkedIn plus testimonials and case studies on my website. 
What’s your availability? 
You will have immediate access to the FAB! community as soon as you sign up. If you sign up for the bespoke Elevate package your first one to one is usually accommodated within a weeks or so. 
What are your payment terms? 
Payment for all options can be a one off payment in full or split over 12 months. Prices start at £35 pcm for the Bronze level membership. 
Why are you qualified to help me? 
I've been involved with colour, make up, textiles and fashion since the early 80's...thankfully I've kept up with the times and won't make you wear shoulder pads or dress like Bananarama though! My skills, knowledge and experience have been honed over 30 years...but more than that I'm compassionate and approachable. I am not the fashion police and I'm not into giving someone a makeover so they look nice for that day but can't replicate it for everyday life - I like to teach my tips and tricks around colour and style so you look good and feel fab every day. 
I'm losing weight, is it best to wait? 
Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Don't wait - you deserve to feel fabulous regardless of your size. Once you have learned what colours and styles suit you and why, you can make informed decisions whatever your weight - life's too short to wait to feel fantastic. 
Do you only work with women? 
My one to one packages work for all genders. If you'd like to find out more about how I can help you with colour and styling to create the best first impression (for business, online dating or just in general) you can email me or give me a call 07975853245. It's up to you, I'll look forward to hearing from you either way. 
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