Project FAB! No more making do 


Your guide to confidence with colour & clothes 

You deserve to look good and feel FAB regardless of your age or body shape. 
I work with women who have wardrobes full of clothes but feel like they have nothing to wear. I know you don’t have loads of time, so I designed the four step Project FAB! framework. 
This book will show you how to: 
• Define your personal style recipe 
• Understand the colours, shapes and styles that work for you - and why 
• Love your look 
Packed with practical tips, Project FAB! will empower you to dress with confidence and be more you. 
“This is the type of book you can dip into time and time again. Life never stands still, so expect way you dress to also evolve… Think of this book as an investment. An investment in the most important person in your life – YOU!” 
“Lisa has developed an easy to follow and highly effective process to help you get past any “wardrobe wobbles”, allowing you to discover your own FAB style. If you have ever uttered those immortal words “I have nothing to wear” you need this book! Honest, funny, and transformational.” 
Gail Morgan AICI CIP, FFIPI 

F*cking FAB Planner £24 

[Warning! This planner is for women who love f-bombs and swearing. UNCENSORED pages] 
You are f*cking FABULOUS! And you deserve a planner that is badass like you. Strong women use strong language sometimes. 
The F*cking Fab 2024 plannerwas made for you! It's beautiful, funny and will make you smile. 
If you love sweary affirmations you’ll love seeing these each morning: 
one day at a f*cking time 
slow the f*ck down 
carpe f*cking diem 
zero f*cks given 
monthly swear word quotes that will bring a smile to your day 
It includes: 
month to view pages 
spaces for important dates and things to remember 
monthly to do lists for life/fun/work/other 
monthly awesome goals planner 
space to plan step by step actions towards goals 
goal setting tracker sections 
daily time management planning pages 
space to celebrate at the end of each week 
monthly review section 
216 pages 
full colour contemporary designed artwork 
You deserve a 2024 that’s as f*cking awesome as you are. This planner was designed to make you laugh as you go about organising your life. 

My FAB Journal 


Feel absolutely brilliant 

My FAB Journal : Feel Absolutely Brilliant is a notebook journal with writing prompts for women. 
Enjoy writing in beautiful journals every day? 
Enjoy inspiring, motivating and uplifting quotes to remind you just how absolutely brilliant you are even when there are days when you aren't feeling it? 
Enjoy journals and notebooks that have and mix of writing prompts as well as lined pages providing you the freedom to express yourself? 
Yes to any or all of the above questions? 
Brilliant! You are going to love this positivity notebook journal for women. It's a fabulous gift for yourself or for those women in your life who love to journal or just like having a gorgeous notebook to record thoughts, make lists, plan trips etc 
This self-care journal acts as a handy template to help you clarify your thoughts and get your feelings down on paper. New to journaling and not sure where to start? Use the prompts to get you started. 
It's been designed to boost your emotional wellbeing with a focus on your self -care, self reflection, positivity and empowerment. 
It has inspiring, motivating and uplifting quotes to remind you just how absolutely brilliant you are even when there are days when you aren't feeling it. 
It’s also a beautiful inspirational gift for women who love to write their thoughts and feel empowered with motivational quotes as they journal. 
What to expect 
6 x 9 inches in size it's the perfect size to pop in your handbag and take anywhere 
Funky colourful original design front and back 
Designed as as a motivational, postivity notebook for women of all ages, including teenage girls to boost self esteem and confidence 
Motivational, inspirational, mood boosting phrases are embedded within the pages to empower you as you write 
Full colour journal notebook pages including: 
Lined pages with inspirational and motivational reminders to help you feel absolutely brilliant 
Guided prompt and list pages to encourage self reflection and self care 
White lined notebook pages for your 'ta da' lists, writing, taking notes, planning your days 

Colour Inspiration for Outfits £7 

Outfit Colour Inspiration 
An A-Z of colour combinations to inspire you 
Containing an A-Z of inspiring outfit colour combinations this ebook is in pdf format so that you can view it on your phone/tablet/PC or get it printed for reference. 

Scarf Selfie eBook £5 

As the pandemic hit in 2020 I documented my own personal challenge of wearing my extensive scarf collection. This ebook shows the results alongside scarf tying examples and dressing your portrait area with style.  
10% of the proceeds from this ebook are being donated to the NHS charity. 

Capsule Wardrobe 101 £27 

Over 100 outfits created with just 33 items! No more stressing about what to wear - handy e-styling manual to view on your phone or tablet providing daily inspiration. 
It's your blueprint to dressing with ease. 
Get it straight to your inbox now. Includes video demo. 

Capsule Plus Size Smart Casual Clearance Price £18.50 

Over 40 smart casual outfits from just 22 items! 
Dress with intent rather than in tents this Spring. The Capsule Collection has been created with a curvy girl in mind...One who would prefer her clothes to skim and flatter around the belly and the bum. Dress to honour and make the most of your curves so you are full of self confidence as opposed to self conscious. 
I've even done the sourcing for you! This collection has shopping links to the all items included. Get it the e-styling manual straight to your inbox today for the 'Clearance Price' of just £18.50 as the shopping links are no longer valid 
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