No to walking boots and a woolly hat! 

I’m not sure exactly when I first met Felicity, but it’s a few years ago now. She had vibrant Titian red hair in those days and enjoyed embracing her autumnal palette of rusts, golds, greens and browns. 
She first engaged me to help her make better use of her wardrobe as she was moving into a different phase of her career. The brief was smart casual for her new role as an award-winning qualified tourist guide offering literature-themed and heritage tours in Nottingham. But being on her feet meant she always had to consider comfort first and dress from the feet upwards – without wearing walking boots or a woolly hat! 

Mixing and matching 

We spent some time mixing and matching some of her formal jackets with trousers and jeans and experimenting with new colour combinations as, like me, she’s a big scarf lover and we had lots to use for inspiration. 
She always kept in touch after these initial sessions, followed up with my make up workshop and then eventually joined my online membership programme which has recently been relaunched as Project FAB! 

Titian red hair to softer, warm grey 

Over this time she has transitioned form the Titian red locks to a softer, warm grey. This resulted in so many of her autumn colours being too strong*. so she invested in a colour analysis refresh and she is now the proud owner of an “Intriguing” colour swatch which is still warm, but the tones are softer and look lightly toasted. 
*The way to tell if a colour is too strong is to do the blink test. All you need to do is stand in front a mirror, ideally with good lighting, and close your eyes, open your eyes and see where they are drawn first – your face or the colour that you are wearing. If it’s your face you are good to go, if it’s the colour then that would suggest that it may be wearing you rather than you are wearing it. 

Felicity's person style journey 

This blog is dedicated to Felicity’s personal style journey and her feelings before working with me and how she feels nowadays. 
Describe your situation before you decided to join Project FAB
I’d done some work with you before but felt it wasn’t finished. 
I still had lots of questions, mostly around how the stuff I’d explored with you previously in larger workshops, online, etc actually applied to ME. 
Although I’d had personal sessions with you a few years ago my situation had changed since then, work wise and hair colour(!) so I felt I needed both an update and more personal input. 
I wanted to feel more confident that I’d know what to put with what to create an outfit and would feel that I was as funky and well-put-together as I’d like to feel. 

I needed to give myself permission to spend that money 

Did you have any reservations about joining Project FAB! 
Cost, plus whether I would get the answers I wanted to my individual queries in a group format. I decided that I just had to push for the specific answers, and that it was up to me to make the cost worthwhile. 
I needed to give myself permission to spend that money on myself in a sort of 'time to finally sort out my dilemmas' kind of way. 
What has the process been like for you? 
It’s been fab! The info has been well delivered in small chunks, which has made it easy to take on board. 
You’ve been good at making it personal too, linking directly to the individual figure shapes, style preferences, hang ups, etc that different group members have expressed. 
It has felt appropriate in that I’ve been able to ask the specific questions I need answering, and also known that I will get honest answers - tactfully put-on occasion, but it’s reassuring to know that the assessment is truthful. 

I CAN feel fab about my style again! 

Has being in Project FAB! helped on a day-to-day basis? 
Definitely - I've changed a lot already I love that your advice and explanations are so practical and evidence-based, that you demonstrate what works for me and what clearly doesn't, but also show us how to build on what we’ve learnt so that we can develop our own style. 
What is the best time/money saving result you have had so far? 
Not really bought much! But have been more discerning when I have, holding out for the best 'fit' in terms of colour and style rather than just making do. 
I’ve also rediscovered outfits in my wardrobe by putting together items I hadn’t coordinated before. Plus I’ve got a clearer idea of what outfits/combinations work best for me so have saved time by concentrating on wearing variations of those, rather than seeking endless variety with stuff that’s not quite right. 
I feel as though there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I CAN feel fab about my style again! 

Increased confidence 

What are the best personal results you have had so far? 
Increased confidence, better sense of my place in the world and my identity. 
What have you enjoyed most about Project FAB! 
Especially good to have a small group. It feels comfortable to share stuff as I feel I know the others. And it feels like you have time to address all our individual concerns. 
Nice bite-sized chunks of info each week that have been easy to digest and learn from. Good to have the weekly sessions when we had particular information to take on board. Great to have the recap sessions too to consolidate what we’ve done. 

Very empowering - thanks Lisa! 

Do you have anything else you’d like to say to anyone who’s considering working with me? 
Lisa has been so helpful in enabling me to re-define my colours, to find my style for this phase of my life and to overhaul my make-up. Her professional, non-judgemental, practical approach along with her abundant knowledge, sense of fun and enthusiasm make all her workshops and consultation sessions very enjoyable. 
I feel that Lisa just really understood what I needed – she’s encouraged me to expand and explore my style horizons. Very empowering - thanks Lisa! 

Is it your time to get out of the style rut? 

If Felicity's story resonates and you want to feel good in your clothes and feel like yourself again being the best version of you have a think about how that could happen. 
You'll need to get out of this rut you have found yourself in and shake your wardrobe up a bit (ok, maybe a lot). 
Perhaps you’re not sure where to start and this makes you feel a bit flat and frustrated, besides which you keep wasting money on stuff you never wear. 
I believe that you deserve to look good and FEEL fab, totally confident in your appearance regardless of your age or body shape. 
I understand that you don’t want getting dressed to be hard work or time consuming which is why I’ve developed my 4 step System that will help you create YOUR unique recipe for putting perfect outfits together that make you feel the bees knees. 
1) We have a chat so that I understand your current relationship with your wardrobe 
2) You choose the appropriate programme/service 
3) We define and refine your unique personal style 
Book in for an initial (no obligation) conversation here 
You too can stop mindlessly rifling through lots of different clothes, and instead, open your wardrobe and immediately be able to choose clothes that are not only appropriate for what you are doing that day, but make you look and feel amazing too! 
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