September - the time for new pens, writing really neatly on the first page of your exercise books, using a ruler to do the underlining of the date and title. Shiny new shoes and pristine white socks, a new bag and excitement at catching up with the friends you haven't seen for 6 weeks. (Or over a year in these weird times). The whiff of fresh varnish in the hall (I can still smell it now). New teachers and boundaries to test… 


As an adult, I still associate September with being time to think about learning new things, having a clear out maybe, a fresh start, preparing for winter and the dark evenings, cosy nights in, curtains drawn. The colours of autumn as the leaves start to change indicating the end of summer and the beginning of a new season. My birthday, Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas. The slimming clubs will have an influx of new members in the next couple of weeks as people start to think about party season and fitting into the little black dress. 


Working in post 16 education for so many years, September was always the beginning of a new academic year. The time of getting to know new students, helping them settle into their new environment. Teaching them responsibility for their own learning, no bells to signify the end of lessons, getting the balance between the new freedom and social aspects and learning. It was a time of goal setting and planning, how to get the best out of the students within the curriculum. Lots of creative thinking and planning exciting ways of getting the work done in an engaging fashion, tweaking things that have worked well before to keep it all fresh. 


I find September is still a time to plan, I’ve been thinking about how far I've come in my business. It will be the end of my seventh year of trading soon, 3 more months. Have I achieved my goals? What else do I need to do? I've bought my new pens, in jolly colours and with nice wide nibs to make for smooth writing. I've done some scribbling, analysed my figures and thought about future goals. I've engaged with a new business coach to help me focus and make structured plans for developing into the next phase. I’ve also planned a schedule for launching my soon to be published book ‘Project FAB! No more making do’. 
Here's what Taz Thornton, one of my beta readers has said about it… 
“Lisa Newport smashes through all the fashion and style stereotypes and guides us like nobody has before. 
“This dazzling doyenne of dress teaches us how to reclaim our power and ditch all those tired, old rules. 
“Women across the land can finally celebrate their ‘comfydence’, skilfully using what’s on the outside to boost what’s on the inside - and vice versa. 
“Ladies, you’ve been waiting for this. Read the book. Thank me later.” 
I’m very excited about getting my mitts on a copy which won't be long now. If you want to be on the preview list you can sign up here. 


Another thing that signifies the end of the summer is that the sales will soon be coming to an end in the shops and shelves will be stocked with new season goodies. It won’t be long before we are getting out the winter coats, emptying out the pockets of tatty tissues and old receipts. 
Do you have different clothes to suit the seasons or are you like me? I tend to wear the same things but layer up and add different footwear. I will add a cardigan over a short-sleeved dress or wear a fine knit stretchy top underneath and transform the dress into a pinafore. Is it time for a wardrobe refresh perhaps? Donate some stuff to the charity shops maybe? 


What about you? Do you see September as the start of a new year/season time to learn new things? If you’re ready to learn something new to round off 2021 so that you enter 2022 with a new mindset around colour and clothes you might want to check out my Project FAB! coaching package. I’m absolutely loving working with the women who are part of the community so far. I had these wonderful words from one of my mentees last week – it’s filled up my heart with joy. 
“Thank you Lisa for providing me with a safe group to try on clothes, outfits and personas to find the real me. I've loved getting feedback, both positive and for improvement, as I've no-one locally to ask. I've loved ideas for sewing, items to keep an eye out for, chopping and changing items I own, falling back in love with stuff and having a play.” 
And if you think doing some work around colour and clothes confidence might be all about the outside here’s some other words from a group member that might change your perception. 
"learning to love *what is* and embrace my potential for change is how I become who I *want to be* without berating who I *am*" 
If your wardrobe is a source of frustration you might want to think about joining us – you can check out the details here, it could be just the thing. 
I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop as we move into the new season and close off 2021. How about you? 
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