How to dress for a networking meeting can take up headspace 

Have you ever walked into a room and felt nervous, worrying whether you look, okay? Feeling uncertain and now full of doubt about the outfit you spent ages agonising over? This affects the energy you are giving off; it can affect your body language and the way you come across. Not great for business. 
I know that you want to look nice and feel great in your clothes, especially when you are turning up to networking, important events and client meetings. You want to appear relaxed and confident – totally comfortable in your own skin. 
The problem is you are not always sure about what to wear, what suits you, and how to look spot on, so that you convey the right message about you and your business. It’s a problem no one talks about in your networking circle. Everyone assumes that everyone else has got their act together with their clothes. 
It’s quite possible you are suffering with WTF Syndrome - Wardrobe That's Failing..

Handy checklist to see if your wardrobe is working for or against you 

You might have one or more of the symptoms: 
✔Always wear the same old things despite a wardrobe full of clothes 
✔Avoid social occasions because you don’t have anything to wear 
✔Bought items ‘that will do’ and you don’t really love 
✔Bought items at the supermarket just because it’s convenient 
✔Bought items just because they fit 
✔Bought random items of clothing that don’t go with anything 
✔Dread shopping for clothes because you don’t know where to shop any more 
✔Feel like you’ve lost your style mojo 
✔Feel self-conscious trying something new 
✔Feel stuck in a rut with your clothes 
✔Feel too old to follow fashion but still want to look on trend 
✔Feel young at heart but don't see it in the mirror 
✔Have a wardrobe full of clothes but ‘nothing’ to wear 
✔Have kids that are getting a bit older and want to get your own identity back 
✔Have lots of similar items in your wardrobe because it’s what you know 
✔Don’t enjoy clothes shopping 
✔Don’t have much time to spend on getting ready every day 
✔Don’t know what suits you any more 
✔Not liked what looks back out of the mirror 
✔Stick to slimming black because it’s easy 
✔Think you can only look stylish if you are tall and slim 
✔Want to look on trend but worried about looking like mutton dressed as lamb 
✔Worried about dressing too old and looking like your mother 
WTF Syndrome can steal your confidence and stop you from doing things. 
So, what happens is that you keep buying more stuff, often impulse buys, which ultimately adds to all the other stuff in your wardrobe that you never wear. This leaves you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by all the money you’ve wasted. 

Dressing for any occasion without stress is possible 

I understand that you’d like to get out of this cycle you've found yourself in, remove the guesswork from putting outfits together and enjoy expressing yourself. 
You’d like to trust your decisions and get dressed confidently knowing how to put things together, so you feel relaxed whilst showing up as the very best version of you. 
You’d like to feel uplifted by outfits that really suit you, make you look radiant and feel good; while having the freedom to be creative and totally comfortable with your choices. 
Imagine turning the syndrome on its head and swapping the Wardrobe That’s Failing into a Wardrobe That’s Fabulous. 
What if your wardrobe went through a detox programme? 
What if you really loved everything in your wardrobe and you knew that everything in it really suited you. If all your clothes made you feel great when you get dressed every day and were all very ‘you’. 
Imagine if you could get dressed for any occasion without stress and know that you are looking and feeling a million dollars. My 4 step Project FAB! framework can help you get the feeling as you dress with intent. 


This step is about working out why you like what you like and WHAT your PERSONAL STYLE actually is. You can take my quiz here
When you have this bit sussed all of a sudden it becomes clear why you have things in your wardrobe that you never wear and why that necklace that aunty Bridget bought you for your 40th birthday has never seen the light of day. You’ll be able to stop wrestling with those hangers in your wardrobe as you no longer compromise and have a streamlined wardrobe that makes you smile when you open it. Covering topics such as first impressions, your style personality and style recipe 
This step is about working out YOUR best colours to wear and how to put them together, so they truly ENHANCE your features. Try this colour analysis cheat sheet. 
When you have your colour palette sorted you will save time and money because the items in your wardrobe will all coordinate beautifully, shopping becomes easier and more focused PLUS you’ll have a radiance about your skin and your eyes will sparkle. You’ll be leaving the boring black behind as you feel invigorated and excited to bring colour into your world. Covering topics such as colour analysis, signature colours, rescuing colours 
This step is where you learn about YOUR body type, shape and proportions so you can select styles that work with you rather than against your natural shape. Check out these tips
When you know about style guidelines it becomes obvious why that jacket has never looked right on you but looks amazing on your friend Karen. You will be able to quickly and easily filter out those less than confidence building clothes that really aren’t doing you any favours. Covering topics such as shape, type, proportion, enhancing and disguising 
This step is where you begin to analyse HOW to make your wardrobe work for you in a practical way so that the contents are earning their keep. 
When you start to look at your lifestyle needs and shop savvily so there’s no more buying for buying’s sake or having loads of nice going out clothes but nothing that lights you up for work. You’ll know where your wardrobe gaps are, and shop with focus, so that you end up buying fewer items but actually loving and wearing those that you’ve got. Covering topics such as capsule concepts, levels of dressing, workhorses and heroes 
Dress to reflect how you want to be perceived in business 
Imagine how it would feel to finally re-find yourself, to dress exactly how you’d like to, in colours and clothes that really suit you, your personality and reflect how you want to be perceived in business too? 
Imagine that new confidence as you hold your head high and walk into that networking meeting, client meeting, conference and not worry about the way you look because you look amazing and feel comfortable too, to feel like you are showing up as the real you? 
By working with me you can stop the mindless rifling through the rails and scattergun approach to clothes shopping. No more wasting money on things you won’t wear. You’ll dress with intent and have a clear idea of what works for you and your business. You’ll buy fewer items yet wear more of your wardrobe, and ultimately be able to walk into the room looking and feeling the business. No external validation needed; you’ll be glowing from the inside out – owning your look. 
There are lots of different ways you can make this shift. You can buy my book which provides a DIY guide, I have self-study online programmes or mentoring packages. 
Power up your personal brand 
As a woman in business, you really will benefit from powering up your personal brand. It could be just the thing to help you get more of those ideal clients and not only pay the bills for the next 12 months, but it will also show your doubting frenemy that your work is far more than a full time hobby but an actual business in its own right. Get in touch if you’d like to book a no obligation call – we can work out what will be the best way forward for you. 
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