How to wear colours that really suit you 

Wearing your Signature Colours creates harmony and is a great way of enhancing your natural features. Whether you’ve had a personal colour analysis reading or not, identifying your Signature or WOW Colours couldn’t be simpler. It’s simply about repeating colours that exist in your natural colouring. 
When you have a colour analysis reading I am looking the combination of your hair, eyes and skin to determine which of the 18 palettes will suit you best and will include your Signature Colours. This week I’m sharing my secrets with you so that you can identify them without necessarily investing in a reading with me. 

Finding your signature colours 

Step 1 
Your hair is a great starting place. Look carefully at the highlights, lowlights and different shades within your hair and pick out those colours as your base colour neutrals (unless of course you’ve got it dyed in a unicorn rainbow effect). You might want to think about using these colours for an investment piece like a winter coat or handbag. 
So brunettes might think about dark browns from bronze and chestnut through to rich mahogany colours as alternatives to black. As a warm blonde you might go for cream, beige, camel and sand or if you’re more platinum blonde then a silvery grey or even white. As a redhead think about copper, rust, tan etc. Repeating colours that occur naturally in your hair will really pick out the richness and enhance the colour. 
Top tip – wearing a pair of shoes in the same colour as your hair forms a wonderful top and tailing effect and creates a visual loop which is pleasing to the eye. 

Generate your perfect colour palette 

Step 2 
The next step for generating your Signature Colour palette is to look VERY closely into your eyes. You might think you've got blue eyes but when you look really carefully at your eyes in a mirror you will see that you will see that there are little flecks of other colours within them, sometimes there’s even a darker ring around the iris. Any colour that you wear that matches those colours within your eyes is going to really enhance your eye colour and make it appear more vibrant. My eyes are grey/blue and the y always look much bluer when I wear any kind of medium blue through to navy. Try wearing tops, scarves, jackets and jewellery in these colours and see the wow effect. 
Top tip – choose specs that pick out one of the colours in your eyes 

Find your best neutral lipstick colour 

Step 3 
This step is about looking at your skin and in particular your lips, including the inside of your bottom lip. Stick out your bottom lip in the mirror as if you’re really being a sulky, mardy bum and check out that colour. I guarantee if you match it up and wear a top in it, you’ll look gorgeous! Also, this is a great way of finding your perfect neutral lipstick colour and your best colour for blusher. 

How to intensify your eye colour 

Step 4 
The next thing we're going to look at are intensifiers. This principle will really give more depth to your hair and eye colour and it’s when you wear colours that are directly opposite on the colour wheel. So for brown hair go for blues, blondes go for purples, redheads it’s all about the greens. Sadly, as grey doesn’t appear on the colour wheel it’s not simple to apply this tip if you have the glitter highlights. Think about eye make up here though too. Blue eyes are intensified by browns, corals and golds in eyeshadow colours, hazel eyes look good with purply shades, green eyes are intensified by brick reds and copper tones. 

The colour suits everyone 

Step 5 
Find your best teal, it’s a great universal colour and suits everybody. It’s the perfect mix of a cool colour – blue, with a warm colour, yellow. However, your absolute best way of wearing teal will be to use the depth of your hair colour as your guide to which tint, tone or shade will work best for your colouring. 
Tint = colour +white 
Shade = colour + black 
Tone = colour + grey 
For example – dark hair works best with a deep, rich darker shade of teal, light hair works best with a paler, more pastelly tint and grey hair works best with a softer, more muted tone of teal 

Anti ageing colour 

These tips but they are a great way of ensuring that the colour choices you are making are going to illuminate your hair, skin and eyes and create a lovely vibrant youthfulness for you rather than draining or ageing you. If reading this it’s whetted your appetite for a full colour analysis reading with me I do offer a comprehensive service online. Click here for more details 
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