If you remember the song by the Pointer Sisters being in the charts you are the right age group – read on... 
I want to share my vision with you. As you already know, my word and theme for 2022 is tribe and community, I’m building and growing. As part of this theme, I’m incredibly excited to be bringing people together for a 2-day immersive experience with me – actually IN THE ROOM!!!! 
Well, I say in the room, some of it will be. Other parts will be out and about in my local area. You can see from the photos what I mean. 

Project FAB! The Retreat 

I’ve chosen to call it The Retreat for various reasons – if you look at the dictionary definition, you’ll find it explains it as: 
An act or process of withdrawing 
A place of privacy or safety 
A period of group withdrawal for prayer, study or instruction 
The schedule has been designed to be enlightening and to incorporate the in-depth questions I ask in my 1:1 coaching sessions so there’ll be a deep dive into your relationship with your wardrobe, your influences and self-limiting beliefs. There is much more to it than a frivolous or trivial look at clothes – it’s about who you really are and celebrating that. 
We’ll be exploring what it means to express your identity mindfully and you’ll gain clarity around your own style recipe based on your unique ‘must have’ criteria for clothes shopping so that you always feel absolutely brilliant when pulling outfits together, so you shine from the inside out. 

Push boundaries 

It is going to be so much more than a “How to” workshop...we’ll be going out for dinner – having fun, but also analysing the whole ‘getting ready’ and clothes shopping experience. 
We will spend an hour or two browsing the charity shops because you might want to fill wardrobe gaps but also, I’ll encourage you to push boundaries by experimenting with new style outfits – those things you’ve always wanted to try. 
You can also bring a few items with you from your wardrobe that never get worn because you’re not sure they’re quite right for whatever reason. I’ll give you personalised styling advice for them or explain why they’re not working for you. 
The retreat will be focused on you finding YOUR style for this next fabulous phase of your life. You’ll gain insight to your relationship with your wardrobe so that you feel empowered to express who you are on the inside and dress with confidence. 
You’ll get clarity by developing your awareness of how to express your identity mindfully. You’ll gain insights by taking a deep dive into exploring your style influences. And you’ll be able to dress with confidence as you define the fundamentals of your unique personal style recipe. 

Explore your relationship with your wardrobe 

The format will be next level from the type of workshops I’ve run before – much deeper and more meaningful - similar to my coaching/mentoring packages. 
It will be a safe space for you to explore your relationship with your wardrobe. 
There will be personal breakthroughs as you have the permission to explore ideas, ask questions and have direct access to personalised advice. 
You will gain insights to how colours, shapes and styles affect your look as well as having a full colour analysis reading and receiving a colour swatch on the day (normally £297 for a face-to-face session) 
We'll have lots of fun, and you'll be encouraged to experiment and play whilst challenging pre-conceived ideas. 
The numbers are strictly limited to ensure I can provide individual advice and a quality experience for all. 
You really will be encouraged get you back in touch with who you really are and create your unique style recipe so that you feel empowered to own your look! 
It will be all about empowering you to own your look by taking you on a journey of self-discovery. It’s going to be a 2-day immersive experience but only for 8 women who are absolutely ready to change, to be guided to explore their identity and level up their personal style so that they look good, feel fab and are ready to conquer the world! 
Day 1: This will be workshop based followed by getting dressed up and going out for an evening meal. 
We'll take a deep dive into your style preferences and influences 
We'll be hands on exploring your best way to wear colour 
We'll be examining which shapes and styles best express your vision 
We'll consider your lifestyle and how your wardrobe needs to work for you 
You'll bring some garments that you want help with styling 
You'll create your unique style recipe 
There'll be lots of opportunities to discuss your thoughts and feelings around the topics of the day 
We will adjourn to freshen up before going out for an evening meal at a bistro pub 
Take a look here at the venue for the workshop elements – where we will cover the training side of things, i.e., the 4 steps of my Project FAB! framework. Then this is where we'll have our evening meal and maybe a cocktail or two. 
Day 2: We'll come together in the morning to create our intentions before going on a sustainable fashion, charity shopping experience, fortified by a delicious lunch we’ll round of the day back in the workshop space. 
We'll have discussion around the intentions for the shopping morning based on the discoveries from day 1 
Armed with your new colour swatch, we'll be taken to the local high street by minibus to spend an hour or two perusing the charity shops with your style recipe and wardrobe gaps in mind 
We will meet at The Crimson Tree where pre-ordered lunch will be provided https://www.facebook.com/thecrimsontree 
Back at the workshop venue for the afternoon we will have a practical 'show and style' session 
There'll be lots of opportunities to ask questions 
There'll be a facilitated discussion around your developments and revelations 
We'll celebrate and set intentions before leaving for home at the end of day 2 
You'll leave the event Feeling Absolutely Brilliant! Armed with the skills and know how to create the change you know you are ready to make. 

Here are a few comments my current clients made last week when we were talking about the deep dive stuff: 

Here are a few comments my current clients made last week when we were talking about the deep dive stuff: 
'The chain of confidence between us is so great isn't it' 
'For me, it’s been marrying up the me I had finally found on the inside with the me I’m showing on the outside.' 
'Maybe it just has to sound a bit weird because until you begin to feel it you can't imagine it?' 
'It's not about the clothes it's about releasing our true personality rather than the one we show to the world.' 
'Congruence of inside outside being the real me.' 
'I think you have a holistic approach. You look at physical characteristics and colours but also emotions and beliefs and past experiences allow each of us to express ourselves through our clothes.' 
There are only 8 spaces, I’m keeping the numbers low so that everyone will get the opportunity to ask questions, be fully involved and get specific style solutions from me. Grab your space while you can. 
I am incredibly excited to be hosting Project FAB! The Retreat. Is it YOUR time to reveal the real you? 
If this sounds good block out some ‘me time’ I’m your diary 25/26th March 2022 and follow the link to book your space. There are just 5 spaces left for this exciting opportunity - did I say I was excited!?! 
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