Goblin Mode is the Oxford Word of the Year 

The Oxford Word of the Year is a word or expression reflecting the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of the past twelve months, one that has potential as a term of lasting cultural significance. Supported by evidence of real language usage, Oxford’s editors track candidates as they emerge throughout the year, analysing frequency statistics and other language data in the Oxford English Corpus. Previous words have included vax (2021), climate emergency (2019), and selfie (2013). 
The word of the year for 2023 is ‘Goblin mode’ and, hand on heart, I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever even heard the term before! 
‘Goblin mode’ is a slang term, often used in the expressions ‘in goblin mode’ or ‘to go goblin mode’ and is ‘a type of behaviour which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations.’ 
Apparently, it went viral on social media in February 2022. Then rose in popularity over the months following as Covid lockdown restrictions eased in many countries and people ventured out of their homes more regularly. Seemingly, it captured the prevailing mood of individuals who rejected the idea of returning to ‘normal life’ or rebelled against the increasingly unattainable aesthetic standards and unsustainable lifestyles exhibited on social media. 
Source: https://languages.oup.com/word-of-the-year/2022/ 

Community was my word of the year for 2022 

For the past few years, I’ve had a word of the year. The idea is that it gives me an overall focus and is linked to my goals and planning. Last year, 2022, my word was community. This was even before I’d got the FAB Network on my to do list. My aim had been to revive an existing community on FB, and I also tried to get a group going here on LinkedIn. Both these things felt like pushing treacle uphill. 
Back in March, when I stopped dithering and made the decision to go for it with the FAB NETWORK, it did feel like I’d gone from having a wobble to rising up a level. 
I had moved out of my own lane and had been looking around at what other people were doing. Then started to compare myself and my results against my perception of theirs. I was totally making things up in my head based on the ‘evidence’ I could see. 
It lowered my vibe. 
I lay in bed that Saturday morning pondering. I felt frustrated, angry, sad, unheard...events beyond my control were affecting how I was showing up. 
I knew my energy was off. I didn’t like it. 
I felt like I’d arrived at some kind of crossroad. I could turn back, continue or change direction. 
I voiced my feelings to my husband. He listened. I cried. We talked. I felt better. I then decided it was time for change, but I wasn’t sure what needed to happen. 

Setting up a women's network group  

In times like this I sometimes journal to get clarity or I talk things through. This weekend was a talking one. I felt refreshed thanks to my husband and a 2 hour telephone call with a wise friend. Almost like a new and improved version of me evolved as a result. Like an upgrade. 
This was the weekend that I bit the bullet and set up the FAB Network. 
I’d been playing whack a mole with the concept for a long time. The thing is, I have lots of ideas. I’m a creative, right brain type. As far as my business is concerned, I have to rein myself in at times to keep myself on track otherwise I’m all over the place like a pinball machine. I think I drive my left brained accountant up the wall at times. 
I just don’t have enough hours in the day to act on all my ideas. There are so many things I *could* do but it doesn’t necessarily mean I *should*. What I have learned about myself though, is that when an idea sticks, long term, and keeps coming back I need to go with my gut and run with it. 
Which is EXACTLY what happened with the FAB Network. It just wouldn’t go away.... I decided I was finally going for it and setting up a women’s networking community with a difference. 
It ain’t *what* you do it’s the *way* that you do it, that’s what gets results. It is also what makes you different to the others and why people are drawn to work with YOU. This is what makes you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. It’s the little things that matter. The details. I felt apprehensive, excited, and nervous all at the same time. 
For me it’s vital that people feel safe. That they feel they can show up authentically and openly. There’s no judgement. I work from the heart. I *see* people. And personally, I’m an open book. I believe being able to show vulnerability is a strength. You will get better results being true to you than any other way. I know that my superpower is empowering others to PROUDLY embrace their authentic self – inside and out through colour, clothes, confidence AND add to that, bringing people together as a community. 

Community is so important to me 

The free community over on the book of face got things off to a great start back in March when I opened the doors. I asked everyone to give me 3 words to describe what they thought of the group so far. 
The words that cropped up the most were fun, informative, supportive, honest and interesting. 
Other words included: likeminded, thought provoking, fabulous, illuminating, inspiring, cheerful, engaging, sisterhood, uplifting, chatty, fantastic, authentic, badass, inclusive, out there, down to earth, feisty, fascinating, quirky, welcoming, irresistible, entertaining, comfortable, enlightening, relevant, safe, sassy, kind. 
These are all wonderful, positive words yet, funnily enough, it was comparisonitis that had led me to that weekend wobble. I’d started to focus on negative stuff, all the things I hadn’t yet achieved in my business instead of celebrating all the amazing things I had done. It’s so easy, when you have big goals, to lose sight of how far you’ve already come. As I mentioned last week, it can be easier to look up and see how far you’ve yet to climb than look back and recognise how far you’ve already come. It’s important to acknowledge and recognise the steppingstones and little wins along the way. 
We sometimes need a reminder. Once I realised what was happening, I got back in my own lane. I remembered my why and looked at how far I’d come from those early days. I became my own cheerleader again. I’m so glad I did! That following Monday, the start of a new week, saw me with different energy, and it felt better. I was looking forward to seeing how things panned out with this networking idea! 
Networking, personal development and a heart centred vibe 
And here I am 10 months later with a thriving community that is special. It's got the most amazing vibe going on. It’s a safe space where you can metaphorically fling off your bra. It’s women empowering women and providing a circle of support because being in business can be a lonely place. 
It's a supportive business network with personal development and a heart centred vibe at the core of the community – no pressured referrals or other stuff you don’t like about networking. It’s birds of a feather networking and growing their businesses together, sharing collective wisdom, a place to thrive and celebrate camaraderie. Realness seems to be what we want as women in business. The last couple of online meetings have been a sell out! It’s gaining momentum. 
FAB Network : female authentic ballsy 
The FAB Network really feels like it’s more than a business to me. It’s a mission and feels like the sense of possibility is contagious as I talk about my plans for developing it in 2023. So, what is my word for this year I hear you ask? It’s ‘consolidate’. I’ve got a great thing going on here. Do you have a word of the year? 
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