Setting Up In Business In Your 50's 

I’m not sure I was fully prepared for the ongoing reality of self-employment when I made the decision to work for myself. The never ending ‘to do’ list, the long hours, the requirement to juggle all the different balls without dropping any, the emotional rollercoaster and periods of feast or famine, loving it with a passion one minute then loathing it the next. There have definitely been times when I’ve thought about jacking it all in and getting a job. 
But here I am, 8 years on, still at it with bigger, bolder, more audacious goals than ever, bringing a new aspect to my business with the FAB Network. You might be wondering why, at 58 years old, I’m not just taking it easy and ticking over for a few more years until my retirement. The truth is I’m not ready. I feel like there’s more lined up for me to do and it is important stuff. 

Networking for Small Business Owners 

I met Holly Tucker MBE last week from NotOnTheHighStreet and She was hosting an event in Nottingham for small business owners. There was an opportunity for networking and then she gave a talk and took questions from the floor. She took the time to chat and have photos with everyone. She came across as incredibly genuine, and generously gave us all a signed copy of her book Do What You Love What You Do with a personal message. As I had my turn, I told her that I’d recently set up the FAB* Network, she laughed as I told her what the initials stood for. *Female authentic ballsy 
Now I’m not that far into reading her book yet, but I already know that we are coming from the same place in terms of our values around community. She talks about finding her flock which she describes as ‘a group who share interests, values, appreciates and cares for, supports and encourages each other’. She even calls community ‘flock’! We were destined to meet lol. 

Isolation is a Problem For Self Employed Women 

What was evident, in the packed-out quirky venue, is that as women we are hard wired to connect. The noise level as we all chatted and connected was incredible. Social bonds were being formed on the spot as we shared our passion for our various businesses. The room was literally buzzing. We were kindred spirits, rapport was instant. We were all familiar with that emotional rollercoaster journey of being your own boss. Which is essentially the beauty of what is happening at the FAB Network meetings. 
In her book Holly quotes the fact that 30% say isolation is a ‘big problem’ or ‘something of a problem’ when it comes to being self-employed. The statistics come from a Self-Employment Review conducted by Julie Deane founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company. While my husband, friends and family are very supportive of my work and are great cheerleaders, they don’t necessarily get what it’s like being the CEO – chief officer of everything. You need to be around folk who get it. The main reason I started the FAB Network was because I hadn’t been able to find my flock, so I decided to create it. 
There’s a lot of pressure in many networking groups to put on the ‘mask of success’ and say things are going great even when they aren’t, or you’ll be gossiped about as a failure. So, when I wanted to feel part of a community where I could be myself, share my business problems and challenges as well as celebrating the good stuff, and recognise my achievements, I figured other women would feel the same way too. I wanted the FAB Community to be somewhere you could metaphorically fling off your bra and connect with other women in business, for it to be women empowering women and providing a circle of support. 
Working on your business can be lonely. However wonderful you are at what you do it helps to feel there is a safe space to jump into if you are having any doubts or something has not gone exactly to plan. Being part of the FAB membership means there’s a hive mind for you to tap into whenever you need it. So far, so good. I’m achieving that so what’s next for me? 

Personal Brand Makeover 

Now I’ve got things up and running it’s time for phase two which is bringing in the next level membership options. I’m excited to be combining my tried and tested Project FAB! Framework into the membership packages for women in business who want to present themselves with confidence and elevate their personal brand. Eek! I’m so excited about this because I just know how much impact this work has had with previous clients, giving them and their branding a makeover that is truly aligned with them being next level. 
For amazing women in business who ARE their brand. This is the ultimate personal brand identity bespoke package for presenting your most fabulous self in your business and life in general. 
You're a busy lady, you have a successful business, you're competent and confident - really good at what you do. 
You are ready to step things up a notch and want to aesthetically reflect your awesomeness across the board – headshots, graphics, website etc. all looking the business 
You're ready to have that same unshakeable level of confidence in knowing that you and your business always look (and feel) amazing. 
You’re ready to be rocking and OWNING your look, feeling 100% comfortable in your own skin, looking the part (whatever that means to you). 
You worry you might be in a rut, playing it safe and secretly want to experiment with your look. 
You are ready to feel liberated and stand true in your self-expression as your personal brand 
You want to LOOK GOOD and FEEL FABULOUS by experiencing a bespoke 1:1 package that enables you to gain clarity around your personal style essence AND brand identity so that you are saying something about who YOU truly are as a woman in business. 
Imagine how it will feel to represent yourself cohesively, and congruently with visuals that are truly aligned and authentically you. You will consistently looking the part across the board, presenting yourself in a way that is just perfect for you and your business- your personal style, your headshots, graphics, website etc. 
We will take a deep dive with this bespoke 1:1 package over a 12-month period which provides maximum impact, along with sustainable results as you will have time to process and implement the concepts while still under my wing. 
Personal Style & Image Confidence for Women in Business 
Included as part of ELEVATE! is my advanced package Project FAB! (Which can be bought separately.) This focuses on the personal style and image confidence aspect of your elevation. It is a wonderful blend of online self-study, community support and fortnightly group training and coaching with me. 
It's designed to help you truly define and refine your personal style, have fun with likeminded women as you experiment, explore and work through the practical stuff in a non judgy safe space. 
So not only do my members have an amazing community to tap into and be part of, they can also upgrade to take advantage of skills, knowledge and experience of the personal style and design world! It feels like it’s all coming together nicely combining all my favourite things. I’d never find a job that was so perfect. It’s worth remembering this when the going gets tough or things are not happening as quickly as I’d like. Being your own boss is about enjoying the ride. 
FAB Network : female authentic ballsy 
To find out more about the FAB packages I’ve mentioned click here or book in a no obligation chat with me and I’ll answer any questions you might have. Also, if you are free next Wednesday morning 11am-1pm why not come along and give the FAB meeting a try. You’ll receive a very warm welcome. 
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