Putting the fun into fundraising 

If you look up the word swish in the dictionary it means to move something around and it can also mean elegant and fashionable ‘Oooh that’s a bit swish!’. It makes total sense then, to use the term for a clothes swapping event in support of World Cancer Day. 
I’d heard of swishing but never been to one before I organised my first one for charity back in March 2017. I did, however, know the feeling of getting something new to you and giving it a new lease of life, and how exciting that could be. I have a group of friends from uni days, and we always have ‘swapsie’ sessions as part of our regular meet ups. It’s a great way to pass on things that you no longer wear. 
My lovely mum loved shopping and she always looked nice – therefore she had tons of clothes and costume jewellery! She was living with terminal cancer and wasn’t wearing most of it and it all needed a good sorting out. 
This was a bit overwhelming for mum and she wasn’t well enough to do it on her own, but she was capable of supervising, so we did it together. 
I offered it to the women in my community for a couple of quid per item and the money raised was going to the local hospice who mum had been to for some respite care. There was so much it raised a few hundred quid! 
We got chatting in the community and talked about a clothes swapping session, I remembered I’d heard about these things called swishes. It was quickly decided that we’d run one to raise money for charity – win, win! We set a date for 6 weeks later, I booked a church hall, set up a just giving page and started to promote it amongst my community and business network. I also asked for raffle prize donations the rest is history… 

Have a cathartic clear out 

Here we are in 2024 seven swishes plus a couple of fire and glass walks later we are almost at £13k being raised in my mum’s memory and I’m really proud of that. 
The SWISH is a great way to inspire a declutter of clothes/accessories that you no longer wear, and with the hope of spring pushing the snowdrops and daffs up it seems like a good time for a wardrobe weed. I’ve got a few things in my bag ready but there’s a bit more to add yet. I’ll probably have more of a sort out at the weekend. 
A great opportunity to clear out those good quality items you never got around to ebaying from your wardrobe. Bring those "as new" things you never wear, swap them for stuff you will wear and raise money to support Maggie's Nottingham and Mind at the same time. 
Donate here £12 suggested donation for entrance ticket. 

SWISH Guidelines 

Please read these guidelines: 
1.    You may bring ONE bag for life type per person to hand in. 
2.    Accessories can be included too. 
3.    Please ensure things are clean and in "as new" condition. Only bring things you'd be happy to gift to a good friend. 
Please pre register so we know number for catering 
What happens? 
·         Arrive 2pm 
·         Sign in and hand in clothes 
·         Browse raffle prizes and buy tickets £1 each 
·         Enjoy the refreshments (inc in entrance fee) 
·         2.30pm introduction to the event 
·         2.45pm Browse the rails, try things on, if you like them and they fit you can keep them 
·         3.45pm Raffle is drawn 
·         4pm Clear up - if everyone can help it's much appreciated. All the leftover items are bagged up and donated to Mind. 

Bag yourself something brilliant 

Here's a SWISH Story from Diana 
Before my first swish I had just had my colours done and had a one to one session with Lisa Newport going through my wardrobe. It gave me an opportunity to look at and assess some of the stuff that had languished unloved, and I knew would suit someone else much better and put it in the swish bag! Forget the fact that something cost you a lot at the time or that you can put it on eBay "when you get round to it" If something you don't wear or use is sitting there making you feel bad, make yourself feel good by putting it in your swish bag! It will be just what someone else is really hoping to find. 
If you can get to Nottingham on 3rd Feb maybe you could bring your unwanted stuff and swap it for something new to you at the swish? It’s a great way to refresh your wardrobe in an eco-friendly way. 
The format is simple – you bring a bag full of clothes/accessories (supermarket bag for life size) and you get to try and choose a bag full to take away. The leftovers are donated to Mind Charity Shop, so it’s win win all round – what’s not to love. I’d love you to join us. 
If you can't join us but would like to send me a raffle prize pls get in touch or just make a donation here - remember to leave your name and a message. Thank you. 
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