Your vibe attracts your tribe 

YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE... So, as a woman in business, it makes sense for your vibe to magnetically attract those ideal clients. The ones who you LOVE spending time with. Working with them makes your heart sing. 
The BEST way to attract those ideal clients in (and repel those not so ideal clients) is by having your brand VIBE so spot on you love it HARD. 
You love it so much because it is so very YOU. You ARE your brand and what you are putting out to the world is unapologetically, uniquely, obviously YOU and your personality. Nothing copyable. 
“The first word in the phrase personal brand, is ‘personal’. Now add an ‘ity’ to it, drop the brand and that’s what it really means.” Adam Ritchie says. 

Magnetically attract your ideal clients 

I want you to think about the people who’ve been/are your absolute favourite clients to work with. Draw two columns, make a list of their names in column one. Use the second column to jot down notes about why they were/are your favourite clients. What qualities do they have that made them a joy to work with? As you work down the list you will see that there are similarities between each person. These similarities are the thing that makes them YOUR perfect client. 
Now when you think about your branding, how is that perfect client going to FEEL when they see your ‘stuff’ aka content? Is it going to attract them, like moths to a flame? Are they going to feel magnetically drawn to everything they see that is yours? Are you even aiming your content at them specifically? Because, if you are producing content that is PERFECT to attract those clients you already love working with, then it stands to reason you’ll attract more of the same. Your content that your ideal clients are drawn to will appeal to others who fit the bill too. 
And here’s a truth bomb for you – the ‘stuff’ that attracts those perfect, ideal clients, is not your freebie lead magnet or your opt in newsletter it’s actually YOU. You and your vibe. This is why it is so important to let your personality shine through in everything that you are transmitting. You ARE your brand. 

People buy people they like 

Don’t worry about people falling by the wayside because if you let yourself show up in all your glory you might be ‘too this’ or ‘too that’. They weren’t your people anyway if they only liked a diluted version of you. If people unsubscribe from your mailing list don’t worry, think of it as a process of self-selection. They probably weren’t your ideal client/perfect customer type in the first place. It’s liberating to feel that you can show up as your true self AND attract perfect customers because of it. 
People buy people. People buy people they like. People buy people they’re attracted to and if we take that one step further, people buy people they aspire to be like. This is why you need to be transmitting super confidently that you know your stuff. You absolutely HAVE to be walking your talk. In my world, as I’m talking about personal branding, colour and confidence it’s important for me to be embodying it myself. If you’re a coach who talks about helping people feel calm and have inner peace, YOU need to embody that. You are setting the example of what can be possible for your clients. You need to be the best version of YOU, living and breathing your personal brand. 

Presenting yourself with confidence = credibility 

When you confidently communicate who you are, so that your ideal clients will be magnetically drawn to your vibe, it starts with how YOU look and feel. Your personal style tells us about who you are, it’s a visual language. The know, like, trust factor is accelerated, relationships are built quicker. This is why looking the part (whatever that means to you) is relevant to your business. No point following a trend just because it’s a trend. It has to feel right for you. If you feel good, you’ll present yourself with confidence. 
When you present yourself with confidence your credibility grows. People connect with who you are, your personal brand, and what you’re about quicker. 
Personal brand is ALL about personality. Your brand and branding has a personality of its own – that’s what you want to be showing. All presented cohesively and consistently in more ways than one. It’s about the way YOU and your business come across aesthetically and creates the first impression. It’s so much more than just using the same colour on all your graphics. For example, even if we are just talking about your online presence, it could be your headshot, your graphics, your social media posts, and your website. 
You want everything to look a bit more cohesive and put together. Not only so you stand out in a crowded market place, but so that you actually look credible as the expert you are and can charge your worth. Showing up consistently with cohesive branding will accelerate the 'know like trust' factor and speed up the buying process. People will feel like they know you and have an idea of what it will be like to work with you. That's why you need to express who YOU are with how you look, what you say, and how you say it - this is your brand VIBE. 
It’s about getting the preliminary stuff sorted BEFORE you invest in the photographer, get a new logo or website designed. You need to work on how YOU, as your brand, want to be perceived and come up with a holistic “vibe” that covers how your branding looks and feels – and provides clarity so that your content magnetically attracts those ideal clients. 
Elevate your personal branding 
Here’s a client’s response when I asked them about the transformational benefits they’d seen since we worked on ELEVATING their personal branding. 
“A huge chunk of the ‘will I be good enough’ has gone. I have some brain space back and that anxiety has been removed. I now have failsafe methods to use, and I know that by following my personal brand guidelines I’m saying the right things that are aligned with who I am, and how I work these days. 
The biggest difference is that when I’m approached by clients, they already get me. They’re attracted by my vibe. They comment on photos I’ve used on my website and behave as if they already know, like and trust me despite there being no conversation previously. They perceive they have connected with me already. My outgoing communication appears to the world. Before working this through, my communication was not aligned, or I was not communicating well. These days there are never any surprises. They get my quirky, creative, wacky personality, which is exactly why they want me. 
My brand has been amplified. It’s like loudspeakers over the tannoy. It's like a ‘Be More You’ kit. 
It always feels right. My branding now is fundamentally about me and who I am. 
It is now the essence of me. I have trusted principles that I know work and fit. There are no surprises to existing customers and how businesses see me. It’s boosted money in the bank. People filter themselves. There are no awkward conversations to persuade people that I’m what their company needs as they’ve already opted out. The right people have already opted in, they’re up for it. They value me more, they pay me more, they treat me like a VIP when I turn up. The whole experience of getting my personal brand sorted has made gaining good relationships easier by creating friendly conversations. It’s given my business a head start when it comes to being booked.” Pam Burrows – People Booster 
FAB Network : female authentic ballsy 
Just imagine being like Pam and having ALL your personal branding sorted so that you present yourself and your business with unshakeable confidence across the board AND get more ideal clients working with you! Well, you can! I’m super excited to have added a silver and gold level to the FAB Network membership packages for 2023 that will arm my members with the skills and know how to create the change so that they can present themselves as their personal brand with confidence. If you want more info just click here, book in a quick, no obligation chat or come along to one our FAB network meetings and see if our VIBE is a good fit for you. 
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