What to wear when flying 

What do you wear for travelling to/from your summer holidays? You know when it's a bit chilly as you set off to the airport at the crack of dawn?Or when you have to be ready to fly home and it's scorchio on your jollies, but you just know it's at least 10 degrees cooler once you get home. This week I’m sharing my tried and tested style of outfit that suits the purpose. 
Also, for the past 20 years or so I’ve been visiting my besties in Spain and as the budget airlines have changed their minds several times regarding luggage allowances I have fine-tuned my packing to a 10kg carry on for the week. If you have any tips that I haven’t included I’d love to hear them. 
Travelling outfit 
Wear a comfy, lightweight, jersey dress, it won't crease and will be cool in the heat. It can be colourful, patterned, plain whatever suits your style personality. Have a big tote bag as your hand luggage (that doubles up as a beach bag), put a pair of leggings, a sarong that doubles up as a scarf (and a blanket if the air con is cold on the plane) and a fine knit cardi in it. You can add and remove layers as the temperature changes. 
I always wear a pair of pumps or sandals that can be widened too - just in case your feet puff up - mine always do when I fly. 

How to travel light 

And once you’re comfy in your travelling outfit here are my other tips for hand luggage and general packing when you’re travelling light. 
Have your travel sized toiletries, less than 100ml, in the plastic bag in your hand luggage until you’re through security. Saves you messing about unzipping your suitcase and holding everyone up. Once you’re through you can pop them in your carry on suitcase. 
A cross body bag or a backpack will keep your hands free so you can navigate the steps to the plane whilst holding your suitcase. Although a crossbody bag will actually be easier to access than a backpack whilst you are wearing it and you don’t need to take it off to sit down at the airport. 
If you can wear something with pockets in for travelling means you don’t have to fanny around in your bag for your passport and boarding pass – I didn’t last week so ended up with it tucked in my bra! 
Sanitiser apart from being COVID conscious is always a good thing to have in your hand luggage when travelling. 
Lots of napkins/tissues for spills – they ALWAYS come in handy. 

Refill and re-use wherever you can 

Refillable insulated water bottle – some airports have drinking water fountains available instead of buying it from the machine in a plastic bottle. 
I find a hand fan essential to have in my handbag (at any time but especially when travelling) 
Use digital books – If you don’t have an actual Kindle you can download the app on your phone or tablet. If you like listening to books/podcasts download Audible use earphones. 
I decant products that I don’t need much of into mini travel size bottles/pots that I’ve saved. Stuff like my Tropic day and night creams, my hair fudge etc. You can wrap in cling film if worried about spills. 
Contact lens pots are great for decanting small amounts of products like eye cream and night cream etc 

Tips for packing when you only have 10kg carry on luggage 

Buy bulky toiletries like shower gel/body lotion/sun creams once you arrive at your destination. 
I have been known to buy cheap beach towels at my destination and leave them there. I wouldn’t waste space in my 10kg carry on. 
Using a hard-shell suitcase means you are more likely to stick within your 10kg limit and if they do start checking bag sizes in the queue you’ll be confident that yours won’t be the one tagged and put in the hold because it’s not conforming to the shape/size required to fit in the special bag checker thingamabob. 
Sticking to a colour palette of 3-4 colours makes things easier to mix and match and gives you a lot more outfit options 
A nice pair of metallic coloured shoes/sandals will go with everything – silver, gold, bronze etc 
A floppy handbag won’t take up much room in your carry on. I have a crocheted one that is really lightweight, purple yarn with metallic thread – matches all my clothes. 
Gamechanger tips for travelling light  
I usually have a carrier bag or a couple of large zip lock food bags in my suitcase – they come in handy for dirty laundry or damp swimwear if you are flying late and have been sunbathing before leaving for the airport. 
Packing cubes – I have never actually tried these yet, but I’m tempted to buy some. You can get all different kinds. There are compression type, space saving ones which mean you can squish more in – bearing in mind the weight will still be the same though. 
I you are taking fine necklaces sandwich them in cling film or thread through a straw to stop them getting tangled. 
To keep pierced earrings in pairs thread the posts through a loose button and pop the butterfly fastening on the back. 
Packing the heavier stuff at wheel end of suitcase keeps it more stable and prevents it from toppling over. 
Stuff shoe cavities with socks/pants/small items to save space in your case. 
Quick drying clothes like silk or a poly cotton mix are easy to wash and dry if you’re somewhere hot. If you book an apartment with a washing machine bringing clean clothes home is lovely. They dry really quick in a hot country too. 
Fold, then roll smaller items like cami tops, t shirts etc takes up less space and also minimises creasing. 
Larger items fold and place on top of the rolled items or bundle pack. This is when you fold things around each other – like creating a ‘pass the parcel’ but with clothes. I’ve tried this and it’s great for dresses/trousers – stops them creasing. 
An empty pillowcase doesn’t take up much room and can feel nicer than the ones provided if you are used to Egyptian cotton at home and will come in handy for bringing laundry home in. 
Dump the ‘just in case’ stuff. You KNOW you’ll not need it. My method is to get everything out n the bed that I think I might take then halve it! 
Apparently a couple of tumble dryer sheets in between your clothes keeps things smelling fresh - don’t use them myself but if you have them already it’s worth noting. 
My favourite game changer thing EVER for travelling has been a circular drawstring toiletries/make up bag that a friend bought for me. 
Travelling with just 10kg carry on luggage tips - how did I do?  
And finally... Make a list on your phone of what you take and keep for next time 
I hope you've found that useful. If I've missed anything let me know. 
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