Middle aged and lost my sparkle 


What type of thing have you done with Lisa regarding your personal style? 

Colour Analysis and Online Group Coaching Programme - Project FAB! inc Super Savvy Style 
What actually happens? 
I was lucky enough to have my colour analysis consultation face to face in January 2020. I already knew Lisa from business networking days, so it was a lovely, relaxed experience with fabric swatches. It reminded me of being with my mates as a teen and you got honesty. The group sessions in Project FAB! follow the same friendly approach, you can open up about your concerns and know you'll get an answer but never in a judgemental way. Lisa is always kind with her responses. 
How you were feeling before you decided to work with Lisa? 
Middle aged and having lost my sparkle. 
Did you have any reservations about working with Lisa? what made you decide to go ahead and do it anyway? 
I had wanted to do this for a while, but other life stuff kept getting in the way and now had the time and treat myself. 
How did feel you once you'd decided to work with her? 
With the colours it clicked very quickly I was pleased that my wardrobe had lots in it, that I could shop from. It was brilliant knowing that the clothes were in the right range and feel fab wearing. 
How did you feel during the process? 
... there are Eureka moments. 
How did you feel afterwards? 
It's still a work in progress, but my sparkle is back. 

When you get your head around capsules it's a gamechanger 

Does it make a difference to what you wear in terms of ease of putting things together? 
When you get your head around capsules it's a game changer. I am creating them for holidays, going out (well a girl can dream) and relaxing at home. 
Did she get you to try anything that made you feel really uncomfortable? 
Did you have to strip off at any point? 
Did the colours/clothes/ideas she suggested sit right with your personality? 
Yes, even when I can be a chameleon and my style personality changes with my mood. 
Did you have to go out and get loads of new things? 
I have bought less this year than ever and the purchases I have made filled a gap. I have also upcycled items and the dye pot is my friend. 
Have you cleared out any clothes that weren't right? 
Some have gone to charity already, there are still some to do. 
How easy is it to follow the recommendations afterwards? 
Fairly simple really if you want to make the changes and feel better about yourself. 
Have you found it easier to choose your clothes for a day/eve/work/function/holidays etc? 
Yes ... see comment about capsules. 
How easy is it to find clothes that fit with the colours/styles that work for you now you’ve been “Lisa’d”? 
That's when a sewing machine, fabric, yarn and dye pots are your friends. 
On a scale of 1-10 how much did you enjoy shopping before and now after? 
My colour swatch lives in my handbag but with lockdown not really been shopping. I have "not bought" items which pre–Lisa I would have bought on impulse. 

I know my colours work and that is so mood lifting 

What difference did it make to you? (immediately/months on) 
I know my colours work and that is so mood lifting. 
Has anyone noticed a difference in you/your appearance/confidence? 
Quite a few 
What surprised you most? 
My lockdown decision to let the wisdom highlights come through ... now who was it that said, "your natural hair colour will always suit you"? 
What was the single best result from working with Lisa? 
I feel better in my own skin and more me again. 
What advice do you have for anyone else who is thinking about it? 
Stop dithering, if not now when. We've all put other stuff ahead of ourselves, make the time you really won't regret it. 
How best to prepare for working with Lisa? 
Keep an open mind, plan a little time to work through the sessions and follow through on the actions. If you are in the group sessions, ask questions and be involved. 
Do you still stick with stuff you learned? 
Mostly ... if it makes me feel amazing, I go with it. 
How would you describe working with Lisa overall? 
Lisa has a wealth of knowledge which she shares in a fun friendly manner with a big doze of sass. 

Project FAB! for 50+ women who feel young at heart but are stuck in a style rut 

My signature programme Project FAB! is for 50+ women who feel young at heart but are stuck in a style rut. They have lost their mojo and need a boost, having been busy putting others first for a long time but now feel ready to make changes. 
Like Julia, most of my clients come to me because they've got to a point in their lives where they are fed up and feel like they're in a rut. They often feel like they've lost their identity somewhere along the way - usually it's because their priority has been looking after the family and they've had no time for themselves. Or it might be their body shape has changed or they experience a major life event like losing a parent, redundancy, workplace trauma or divorce. 
They often feel like they are just blending into the background and aren't reflecting what's on the inside because they still feel young at heart. 
By the time they are ready to work with me they have faced up to the fact that they can’t do it on their own and need a helping hand. They’ve been trying. They’ve read the books and the blogs, the magazines; they’ve watched the YouTube videos and followed the bloggers on Instagram. They’ve seen loads of ideas but mostly of things that are not quite right for them. 
All my clients really want is to just look nice and feel good in their clothes rather than it all be a bit trial and error. They’re so done with the experimenting and not really being 100% whether it works for them. They want to KNOW for sure and DRESS WITH CONFIDENCE. To be able to DITCH THE DOUBT and clamber out of the rut they’ve found themselves in, acknowledging that they need a helping hand. 
They all have different ‘final straw’ moments that have made them bite the bullet and value themselves enough to make the call. For some it’s been business related. They recognise that to step up in their career they need to be more visible, putting themselves out there on social media. For others it’s more to do with self-worth and putting themselves first for a change or it might be like Julia, they just feel like they've lost their sparkle. 
One thing they all have in common is that they’ve finally become their own NON-NEGOTIABLE project. 
Which stage are you at? OK in the rut or ready to make the shift? If you fancy a no obligation chat with me about your options book yourself in via this link. 
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