Who Does a Style Coach Help? 

When I studied for my PGCE (teaching qualification) we learned about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Here I am some 25 years later writing about them in relation to my business.It’s been hard work the past few years as a self-employed person learning about all the different aspects that working for yourself involves. You’d be naive to think that you can just get on with what you are actually good at and forget the rest. One of the biggest challenges in business is marketing. 
That is deciding who your customer is and how you help them. Most people, including me, start off in business thinking that you don’t want to exclude anyone from buying your services and you cast your net wide. Any customer is welcome right? You need the money. The trouble with this mass approach is that by trying to market to everyone you aren’t focused. It turns out you’re best to niche and become a specialist.  
There’s this thing in marketing terms called your “ideal client". You can even give them a name. Mine was Jane Smith. You think about their life and likes and hobbies etc. and imagine you are writing to them in your blogs and on your website. You think about their challenges and how you can help them. I was very excited when I started to take this ideal client malarkey on board and had women saying, “have you been in my house?” and I got messages replying to my blogs etc. because my words resonated with my ideal client. 
For a long time, I knew I had my message right as I was growing my following on Facebook and there were women engaging with my posts each day. My potential clients were out there! Woohoo! 

My Style Coach Business Plan Was Flawed 

However, eventually I realised that most of my avid followers weren’t ready to actually invest in themselves- neither time nor money, they just didn’t value themselves enough to spend their 'me-time' with me. My business plan was flawed, it was always going to seem like a struggle because I needed to convince ‘Jane Smith’ that she was worth it so that she’d treat herself and even take a bit of 'me-time' at all. She just wasn’t ready. 
Things changed and I rebranded a couple of years ago. My ideal client changed too. I started marketing to “Amanda” instead of “Jane”. And this is where Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comes in... 

Applying Maslow's Hiearchy to My Style Coaching Business 

I first started my teaching career in January 1991. I did a Wednesday morning, 104-mile round trip to Stafford College to teach art and design students what I knew about printed textile design. I taught at further and higher education level for many years and achieved my post graduate certificate in education during this time. 
It was during this studying that I learned about Maslow. Basically, his theory is about humans needing certain levels of security in specific areas to function effectively. 
So, in simple terms, for my students, they were going to learn better if they weren’t hungry or physically uncomfortable - you know what it’s like if you’re in training or meeting etc. and your chair is uncomfortable, or you desperately need a wee...you can’t really focus. This is the basic level. 
So, in this respect I recognise that the majority of the work I do with clients is linked to the higher levels of Maslow’s hierarchy. 

Me Time and Your Personal Style Journey 

In order for my clients to get on board and take ownership of their style journey they HAVE to have a good level of self-esteem otherwise they aren’t ready to invest in themselves and make the 'me-time' that is necessary to go on a journey about personal style. 
They need to be interested in exploring and expanding their understanding and curious about their thoughts, feelings and behaviours around identity and self-image. They are interested in personal growth and being the best they can be and will actually make 'me-time'. This is all at the top of the pyramid of hierarchy. 
THIS is where it all gets interesting and deeper than who wore what at the Oscar’s and what’s in fashion this week. THIS is where we have the interesting conversations, and it becomes about so much more than just getting dressed. It’s about listening to feelings and evaluating experiences. It’s exciting and transformational. 
I still do have “beginner’s level" products for when you’re ready to take the first step and invest in yourself and then my Project FAB! Services are for those who are ready to take a look into their relationship with clothes and see it as ‘me-time' with some self-development thrown in. 

The Hiearchy of Lisa Newport Style 

Enough of Maslow – here’s Lisa’s hierarchy: 
Get to know how I work without any financial investment e.g. blogs, weekly emails, tips etc on social media, free Style Sisterhood Facebook group and resources on my website, masterclasses and challenges 
If you're ready to invest some time and money I have a range of self- study options that mean you can access my tips and advice on your phone. tablet or PC when it's convenient for you. 
This is where you can connect with likeminded women who are also on their own journey, prices start at £697 for a 6-month package. You’ll benefit from access to my self-study products and a personalised colour analysis reading at this level. 
Understand which colours will illuminate your skin and bring out the colour of your eyes. Your online reading includes a personalised swatch of 50 colours and an accompanying guide booklet PLUS lifetime access to my exclusive Absolute Colour Club for ongoing support from £177 
Explore a little deeper and spend some of your 'me-time' with me via virtual 1:1’s. You also benefit from 6 months membership to the Project FAB! community and the self-study products with this package. Your investment will be from £2197. 
Project FAB! PREMIUM (taking bookings again soon!) 
The ultimate package where you and I spend time together, hands on, in front of your wardrobe, possibly some personal shopping too. Either way, creating bespoke outfits to suit your lifestyle needs. You are also invited to be part of my Project FAB! community. Your investment will be from £3497. 
I hope now that that I have something for everyone who's interested in working with me at whatever level and I'm definitely going to be publishing my book later this year too. 
If you're curious and would like a no obligation chat with me to figure where you might get the most value from us working together please book a call with me here. 
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