“It’s ok if your figure is slim and hourglass but when you start to spread and are short anyway, it’s much more difficult to look elegant.” 

This was left on one of my posts the other day. 
And do you know what? She’s right. 
It IS easier to look elegant if you’re tall and slim but tall, slim people still get the wardrobe wobbles too. I don’t discriminate on height or weight when choosing which clients to work with. (For what it’s worth I’m only 5’4” and well up the plus size category myself. Shock horror!) 
“I love what you do. I really want to work with you, but I want to lose some weight first.” 
I hear this often. My answer is always the same. Why wait? 
Let’s explore my reasons… 
You’re feeling down on yourself. Your body shape has changed and things that suited you then don’t look as good anymore. 
You seem to have lost your waist. You have a muffin top; waistbands are not your friend. 
You have a load of clothes in your wardrobe that are too small to be comfortable, so you don’t wear them. You can’t get rid of them because you are going to slim back into them. 
So much money spent on stuff you can’t wear, that reminds you every day as you open the wardrobe door, of how bloody miserable you are with how you look these days. That underlying feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself as you look in, the mirror. It’s pissing you off. 
Then because you’re pissed off it’s easy to fall off the wagon of the latest diet you’re trying. You try and cheer yourself up with a couple of chocolate digestives or a glass or two of sauvignon blanc followed by a few kettle chips. 
It’s a vicious circle. 
It’s not as bad at the moment because you’re not going out much. You can just wear your leggings for the networking meetings on Zoom. Nobody is any the wiser. At some point though we will be going out and about, meeting clients and other people in our network. You’ll be stressing about what to wear then. 
You could wait until January now. No point in trying to lose weight this time of year with Christmas coming up. Then in January you’ll definitely give it a proper go and get some weight off. So, with this in mind by around March next year you might be ready to make the call to work with me... 
I’m inviting you to change the script. I KNOW for sure that I can help you feel better about how you look as soon as we start working together. 
I can teach you how to dress to make yourself LOOK and FEEL so much better with a few tips. Once you implement my teachings, you’ll feel so much better about how you look, and your confidence will soar. You’ll be more open to putting yourself out there and becoming more visible. How could that impact positively on your life? 
Chances are, as a woman in business, you’ll feel happier about having your photo taken. That new headshot will raise your profile and you’ll feel so much happier being the face of your brand. This makes you feel more confident in putting yourself out there and raising your game, resulting in greater brand awareness and more business. 
More confidence could help you find the man of your dreams as you feel better about putting yourself back out there on the dating scene. 
It could give you the oomph you need to put in for that promotion at work. 
AND... doing a full 360⁰ because you’re feeling so good about yourself, you’re more likely to make better choices regarding self care, including how you look after your body. So, eating nourishing food that makes you feel less sluggish and have more energy becomes a thing. You lose some weight as a result. You still apply those tips around colour and clothes that you learnt on Lisa’s programme so it’s win win all round. 
So, you see, it doesn’t make sense to wait until you’ve lost weight. Value yourself now, seize the day, book a call with me. Being heavier than you’d like -that's not relevant because I can help you be the best version of YOU whatever your shape or size. 
I do, however, require that you have the right attitude i.e. be open to my advice and ready to shift from drab to fab. We’ll do some mindset stuff. This is JUST as important as the colour and clothes bit when it comes to dressing with confidence. 
You’ll be starting 2021 with a different outlook to how you feel about your self image which, in turn, will help you with those weight loss goals for January. Don’t wait. You owe it to yourself to make the change today. If any of this resonate with you message me, let’s have a chat about your transformation from ordinary to awesome. 
It'll take the misery and mystery out of getting dressed so that looking good and FEELING fab is not left to luck. You will be able to CREATE that bees’ knees feeling, on purpose, every day because you KNOW what works for you and why. You will LOOK and FEEL fabulous! Glowing from the inside out. 
If you are ready to ditch the doubts and get out of the rut why not book in a quick chat with me, we can work which of my programmes will suit you best. 
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