Increased self-confidence and self-worth 


I felt I didn't look or feel good in my clothes 

How did you feel during the process? 
The process of working with Lisa has been supportive, energising, inclusive and confidence building. She’s extremely knowledgeable and inspiring; a real woman offering advice and support to other real women. The videos and workbook are well planned and paced and because they’re online you can work through at a time and pace that suits you. Plus, you can revisit them whenever you like, unlike a day face to face session, which I think is real bonus. I told you I got it wrong! Lisa is friendly and motivating, nudging you to make changes, without you ever feeling undermined. The Facebook group and online forum you get access to are both an excellent idea, as there was a genuine sense of learning together and mutual support. 
How did you feel afterwards? 
I feel I own my clothes when I wear them and that I have made good choices from a wardrobe that now is my friend not my enemy. With that empowerment comes increased self-confidence and self-worth- more smiles. Ultimately, I realised that I didn’t need to a wait for a ‘magic’ day in the future when my body changed/someone opened a clothes shop just for me. I can make informed choices, about colours and styles that make me feel better, which meant I am complimented more often. But the compliments are just a lovely by product, the most important thing is I got my mojo back and it feels good to be me again. 
Did it make a difference to what you wore in terms of easy of putting things together? 
Yes, it’s now much easier to put things together, the colours are more harmonious, I understand how to work around key pieces and use accessories. 
Did she get you to try anything that made you feel really uncomfortable? 
Nothing made me feel uncomfortable, being nudged out of your comfort zone towards better choices was a very positive experience. 
Did you have to strip off? 
Absolutely no stripping off was required, but there was an honest analysis of my body shape (fully clothed, of course) so that I could choose styles that suited me. 
Did the clothes sit right with your personality? 
Yes, there is no expectation that you will be cloned or have your style personality changed to fit a ‘Lisa’ formula, this is about being the best and most confident version of you. 

It's much easier to choose outfits 

Did you have to go out and get loads of new things or could you sort some out to go even if not perfect? 
I did buy a few new pieces, I also dyed some of my existing clothes into my colour palette and learnt how to rescue clothes that weren’t my best colours, with simple techniques. I didn’t have to buy anything, but I was keen to try colours I previously would never have worn. 
Have you cleared out any clothes that you now know why you didn't/couldn't/didn't feel right wearing? 
Yes, I have re-evaluated my wardrobe, recycling clothes I now understand weren’t really me and that’s why they didn’t make me feel good. 
How much more room have your got in your wardrobe? 
I have got a bit more space in my wardrobe, but more importantly I haven’t wasted money on buying clothes to take home which then hang in my wardrobe for years without being worn! 
How easy was it to follow the recommendations afterwards? 
It is very easy to follow the recommendations made as part of the course, but they are just that recommendations, you always feel that you are in charge. 
Have you found it easier to choose your clothes for a day/eve/work/function/holiday?....... 
it’s much easier to choose outfits and how pieces can work in a capsule wardrobe. 
How easy is it to find clothes that fit with the colours that work for you now you’ve been “Lisa’d”? 
I’m a more discerning shopper, so I know it’s better to wait /look in different shops for colours and styles that suit me, rather than a scatter gun approach. Buying lots of things in the vague hope that somehow a large quantity will give me more options, it didn’t just a wardrobe of barely worn clothes! 
On a scale of 1-10 how much did you enjoy shopping before and now after? 
Shopping is now a more enjoyable and focused process. Probably now 8 on a scale of 1-10. 
What difference did it make to you? (immediately/months on) As soon as I started the programme I began to feel better about how I dressed, using clothes that were already lurking in the wardrobe , but styling them in a way that suited me more than before. 
Has anyone else noticed a difference in you/your appearance/confidence? 
Yes, I have had more compliments from friends and family, despite lockdown and not being able to get out much! Plus, the online Super Savvy community are both complimentary and honest. 
What surprised you? 
I have been completely taken a back with how just wearing the right clothes can make you feel so great. An unintended consequence has also been that I take more care of myself now as well, because I want to be the best version of me, I can be. 
How best to prepare for a session with Lisa? 
I started the programme with an open mind that things could only get better. Lisa is such a reassuring people person, who really gets that we are often our own worst critics and that made me feel safe even if I knew I would have to take some risks, otherwise I would stuck in the same place forever. 
Do you still stick with stuff she told you? 
The knowledge I gained on the programme are now part of my life skills and are increasingly second nature to me. Plus, I have the added benefit of the lifetime access to the online materials, just in case I forget! 
What was the single best result from working with Lisa? 
Spending money on acquiring new skills and better knowledge which has changed my attitude to life has been money so well spent. The results will be with me forever. 

It leaves you with the confidence to make the best future wardrobe for yourself 

What advice do you have for anyone else who is thinking about it? 
I’d describe the Super Savvy Style as a programme for real women, which supports them to feel fabulous. It’s like taking a friendly, stylish, colour expert sister with you on a wardrobe discovery, that leaves you with the confidence to make the best future wardrobe for yourself. I would highly recommend it to everyone I found it a brilliant experience. 
Thank you Lisa, you promised flamingos and certainly delivered. 
If you'd be interested in working with me like Adrienne did you can find the deatils of my online coaching and mentoring packages here.  
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