Flipping the failure 

Have you ever felt like you have failed at something but then on reflection realise that actually it's the opposite? I had that feeling a short while - here's the story of why. 

Hard work undone 

We worked together using my 4 step Project FAB! framework over several months. 
🦩Style - why she liked what she liked 
🦩Shades - colours that gave her a glow 
🦩Shape - the best styles for confidence 
🦩Sustain - her unique style recipe to suit her lifestyle 
She was over the moon with the transformation. 
The work we did helped get her on the road to comfydence. She became comfortable and confident in her personal style and massively improved her relationship with her wardrobe. 
And then... 
I saw a photograph of her sometime later - all that hard work undone 😭 in terms of colour, style etc. However, she looked confident in a way she never had before our work together. 

She was 'comfydent' 

My initial reaction was of sadness, and I felt disappointed. I felt like I had failed somehow. And how would it reflect on me if people knew we'd worked together? 😲 
I sat with these feelings for a while and the old saying "You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." popped into my head. 
I hadn't failed. She was extremely happy with the work we'd done together. She was comfydent and was now making informed decisions... 
The thing with my way of working is that there is no one size fits all, cookie cutter approach. I'm not churning out Stepford wife looky likeys I'm actively encouraging individuality and putting two fingers up at rules if that makes you happy- and that's what she has gone on to do! 
I never tell people what they *should* wear. I help them understand what works best for them and why so then they can make decisions about what to wear with confidence - but if you LOVE it, who cares? 
Bearing that in mind, our work together remained a success! 
On the whole, a large majority of my clients fully embrace their carefully curated style recipe as a long-term lifestyle change. The odd one or two will go off piste - but that's OK too. 

Project FAB! No more making do 

As you probably know by now my first book ‘Project FAB! No More Making Do’ is soon to be launched. In it I share the 4 step framework that I work through with my clients. It’s the same principles I’ve been using since the beginning of my business and even included in my first ever online course back in 2015. 
Back then it was called "Dress Confidently with Colour & Curves" and was a 6-week programme. After putting the launch off for ages because I feared the tech, once I got going I loved it. 
Since then I've refined my skills somewhat (still not super polished but that's just not me anyway 😄) and the course has had several makeovers but the underlying principles are still sound and run through everything that I do. My book is a step by step guide to help you work through the framework and become your own project. 
I'm super excited as my launch date gets closer. My new roller banner has arrived. I've got a few interviews and speaking gig coming up plus a launch party to organise so lots going on for me just now. 

What to take on a photoshoot 

This week is particularly busy and started off on Monday with a photoshoot. Who knew that smiling makes you tired. 
I was over the moon to hear that Ursula Kelly my awesome photographer was coming back to the Nottingham area this week. So I jumped at the chance to join her on a VIP day photo shoot in the most stunning location. 
The day didn't start off too well as I dropped my breakfast smoothie on the bedroom carpet at the crack of dawn 🙄. But once I got there it was a brilliant from start to finish but who knew smiling could be so exhausting! 
I'd taken everything but the kitchen sink in terms of props and outfits. Ursula and Di (the location host) quickly got to work rummaging through and staging set ups for me. All I had to do was follow directions and smile. 
Unfortunately I left my phone in the car until I'd nearly finished so didn't get to take many snaps of the wonderful rooms or the delicious lunch (with fizz) that was laid on. But I did get to say hello to some cows and a pic of my shoes and handbag on the impressive staircase 😁 
It was a great day, and I can't wait to see the results which should be in the next few weeks- just in time to promote my forthcoming book. 

A little bit famous 

I have another book review hot off the press from an advance reader and I feel really chuffed.😁 
Here's what it says... 
"This book is impressively comprehensive, without being complicated. 
It supports you to make changes, big or small, that help you project just how fabulous you are. 
It goes at your pace and delivers everything you need to create a wardrobe that will make you feel magical - everyday." 
It's written by Penny Haslam Bit Famous - award winning speaker, coach and trainer who I met through the Professional Speaking Association a couple of years ago. 
She inspires audiences with her keynote talks about communication and confidence which is totally aligned to my work. I loved listening to her tips when she spoke at the East Midlands region. 
She is the author of Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous, a business book that helps people power up their profile and get known for what they do which is a brilliant, easy to digest read (highly recommend 👍🏼). 
So as you can imagine, I was really pleased when she agreed to become an advance reader for my soon to be published book. Another thumbs up from a woman in business who I admire. They're stacking up now as the excitement builds 😁 

Launch date 4th Nov 

I'm in the final throes of the publishing process now. Just a couple more bits to deal with and then it will be "birthed"...I can't wait! My card reader has turned up today so I’m ready to sell signed copies at the launch party. It’s 4th November by the way – save the date! 
Until then you can have a preview read and be one the first to get it when it's released by signing up to my early bird list here. 
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