Stressed about what to wear 

I first met Sue in 2014, she was out of love with her wardrobe and was often stressed about what to wear. Not any more! 
Read about Sue's journey as she's defined and refined her personal style, colours and image over the past few years. Definitely a sucess story. Here she is answering questions posed by my Style Sisterhood Community (free FB Group). 

Helped me understand my own style 

What type of thing have you done with Lisa? 
Colour analysis and a couple of workshops plus her online style challenges in the Style Sisterhood group on Facebook 
What actually happens? 
Lisa chatted to me about what I do, my social/leisure as well as work, why I felt I wanted my colours done, what I felt I might get out of the process, what wardrobe challenges I had or issues with clothes, how I felt about my clothes & whether I liked shopping for clothes, where I shopped etc. 
How did you feel before? 
A bit nervous. I had met Lisa before through networking but I was really keen to know more about what she did & how she could help me. 
How did you feel during the process? 
Relaxed & we had a few laughs too 
How did you feel afterwards? 
Amazed & enlightened. Much more confident that the clothes we had edited for my wardrobe were suited to my colour palette. Further work has 
helped me understand my Own Style & why some of these 'me colour' clothes still didn't feel right on me! This has been a gradual education process & I am still learning all the time. 

I am worth it! 

Did you have any reservations about working with Lisa? What made you de-cide to go ahead and do it anyway? 
Not really, I knew I had to do it & it was gifted to me by my hubby, as he realised I needed some help, advice & support (which comes as part of the package!) I decided I am worth it! 
Did she get you to try anything that made you feel really uncomfortable? 
No but I had a few wobbles when we discussed some items 
Did you have to go out and get loads of new things or could you sort some out to go even if not perfect? 
No! I was a bit of a magpie for a while afterwards though as the new palette included a WOW colour that I didn't have anything in! 
Have you cleared out any clothes that you now know why you did-n't/couldn't/didn't feel right wearing? 
Yes, lots of room for more fabulous clothes now! Very few duplications of items either now. 
How much more room have your got in your wardrobe? 
Loads and I am more disciplined when buying anything new to me now. 
How easy was it to follow the recommendations afterwards? 
It has got easier with practice & carrying my Swatch around in my bag helps. My hubby is also now trained in my colours so can really help reduce the time of a shopping trip. 
Have you found it easier to choose your clothes for a day/eve/work/function/holiday?....... 
Absolutely, the capsule wardrobe info is a godsend 
How easy is it to find clothes that fit with the colours that work for you now you’ve been “Lisa’d”? 
Great, especially now I have more of an idea of my style/shops to look in etc so I would recommend her program as well as a colour analysis 
On a scale of 1-10 how much did you enjoy shopping before and now after? 
Never really a fan but its easier now & quicker 
What difference did it make to you? (immediately/months on) 
Enormous & ongoing as I tweak items for better tints/tones/shades. 

My wardobe is bright, cheerful and co-ordinated 

Has anyone else noticed a difference in you/your appearance/confidence? 
Yes,Get lots of mood boosting compliments 
What surprised you? 
Some of the colours in my palette, which is bright, Spring as I was in naturals/beige/black with a few colour splashes before. My wardrobe is bright, cheerful & co-ordinated now. 
What was the single best result from working with Lisa? 
I feel more confident 
What advice do you have for anyone else who is thinking about it? 
Don't waste any more time deliberating, do it!! I can honestly say I've never looked back since. Lisa Newport helped me with colour, style and confidence. I feel fab every time I look at my wardrobe. 
How best to prepare for a session with Lisa? 
Lisa will send you some things to think about before she has the session with you. It's worth taking the time to do this so you get the most out of her time with you. “Enjoy the experience & I look forward to seeing you on the other side....” 
If you're interested in learning what colurs, shapes and styles would suit you best check out my colour analysis and my coaching/mentoring programs.  
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