I didn't have any confidence to choose which clothes to buy, or to put outfits together 

I met Amanda via a business development and networking group we both belonged to. She had seen the results I had with other members of the group but had reservations due to her visual impairment and how she sees colour. 
I assured her that we could find a way of making my 4 step Drab to FAB! system work for her and she's so happy to have made the investment. 
Read about Amanda's journey as she's defined and refined her personal style, colours and image over the past year. Definitely a success story. Here she is answering questions posed by my Style Sisterhood Community (free FB Group). 
1.What type of thing(s) have you done with Lisa? 
2. What actually happens? 
We meet regularly over Zoom to have training about colour, shape and fabric. Then help each other in choosing styles and colours to suit us. We also shared experiences, questions and photographs in the FB group and gave each other ideas. 
3. How you were feeling before you decided to work with Lisa? 
I didn't have any confidence to choose which clothes to buy, or to put outfits together. I am visually impaired and worried that I would never be able to do this myself as I don't see colours accurately. I have always hated clothes shopping. 
4. Did you have any reservations about working with Lisa? what made you decide to go ahead and do it anyway? 
I knew of many other women who had worked with Lisa and I could see the difference in them. My concern was whether this would work for me as I have never had any confidence before. I have had personal shopper experiences in the past and thought this might be similar (it isn't). I felt that I needed to lose some weight before starting the course. 
5. How did feel you once you'd decided to work with her? 
I was nervous on the first couple of meetings. I have always been given ideas by other people about what suits me, and I thought I would never have the confidence to make my own choices. 
6. How did you feel during the process? 
I felt very supported and encouraged. Lisa treats all of us as individuals, and our preferences are just as important as the "rules" of style, colour and shape. So there may be colours that suit me, but I just don't like them, and that is fine. Lisa helped me to understand where my lack of confidence came from and the whole group supported me to try things I would never have considered before. 
7. How did you feel afterwards? 
Lisa has given me the confidence to be me! I now love clothes shopping online and I know what will suit me. I know that all the clothes in my wardrobe fit me and suit me. 

I now understand that all of my clothes will go with each other 

8. Does it make a difference to what you wear in terms of ease of putting things together? 
Yes. I now understand that all of my clothes will go with each other. I have a capsule wardrobe for work and would know what to buy in future. 
9. Did she get you to try anything that made you feel really uncomfortable? 
Yes, cardigans! I was a jumper and trousers girl and I now love my cardigans for work and casual. I also now feel comfortable in long boots with my dresses. I was really uncomfortable with these ideas to start with and now it feels great 
10. Did you have to strip off at any point? 
11. Did the colours/clothes/ideas she suggested sit right with your personality? 
Yes, Lisa started by asking what styles and colours I like and the whole course was tailored to my preferences 
12. Did you have to go out and get loads of new things? 
No. I started with what was already in my wardrobe (I must admit that I did buy some new clothes but this was my personal choice and other members of the group chose not to do this) 

I now enjoy shopping and enjoy putting outfits together for myself 

13. Have you cleared out any clothes that weren't right? 
Yes, and I am happy to get rid of them now I know what suits me. 
14. How much more room have your got in your wardrobe? 
I have so much more room, and it is much easier now to find what I am looking for. 
15. How easy is it to follow the recommendations afterwards? 
Very easy. I have my colour wheel and the slides from the course. Plus, I had a lot of practice during the course and plenty of time to ask questions in the group. 
16. Have you found it easier to choose your clothes for a day/eve/work/function/holidays etc? 
So much easier. I can pick any outfit out of my wardrobe and it all matches. I know I look good in all of them, while keeping my own style and staying comfortable. 
17. How easy is it to find clothes that fit with the colours/styles that work for you now you’ve been “Lisa’d”? 
Very easy. I know what to look for but have plenty of choice and ideas. 
18. On a scale of 1-10 how much did you enjoy shopping before and now after? 
From 1 to 10! I am in danger of becoming a shopaholic. 
19. What difference did it make to you? (immediately/months on) 
I now enjoy shopping and enjoy putting outfits together for myself. I don't feel the anxiety of clothes shopping or that my clothers don't look good together. 

I now feel that I have the confidence and the permission to be me! 

20. Has anyone noticed a difference in you/your appearance/confidence? 
Yes. Just about everyone I meet. Lisa also gave me the confidence to change my hair colour and style and to have my eyebrows and lashes done. My friends and family say I am transformed. 
21. What surprised you most? 
How confident I feel to do this by myself. I think I expected that Lisa would tell me what to wear, but I am making all of the choices. 
22. What was the single best result from working with Lisa? 
The knowledge that all of the colours on my wheel go with each other. So I can wear any of my clothes together. 
23. What advice do you have for anyone else who is thinking about it? 
Just do it. You will be investing in yourself. Lisa's has so much knowledge and experience, but in the end it is all about you. 
24. How best to prepare for working with Lisa? 
Go in with an open mind and be prepared to face some challenges - it will be worth it. 
25. Do you still stick with stuff you learned? 
26. How would you describe working with Lisa overall? 
What a fantastic experience. I now feel that I have the confidence and the permission to be me! The combination of my own preferences and Lisa's knowledge and experience has given me my own personal style. 
27. Is there anything else you would add that hasn't been covered? 
Thank you Lisa. I will never forget this experience. I now know that I look good and I also feel good in my clothes. 
If you've felt inspired by Amanda's story and would like to have a similar journey check out my Drab to FAB! coaching programmes and book a call to find out which would be the best fit for you.  
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