Powder make up products can be ageing 

I don't know about you, but I usually prefer having a lighter makeup in the summer and especially this year, I feel like I want my make up routine to be lighter generally. Not needing to go out or wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis I'm being more drawn to a lighter look. It’s also much quicker too. 
I'm also conscious that a lot of products, as you're older, particularly powdery ones can sit on your skin, settle into the lines and wrinkles. Hence becoming more ageing and less flattering. As such, I've been experimenting with cream products just to see how they feel and how they look on my skin and I've got a few hints and tips for you this week.  

The best way to have great make up 

The best way to get great make up is to look after your skin and make sure it’s regularly exfoliated to remove dead skins cells and always moisturise- morning and night. I’ve been using the award-winning Tropic skincare products for several years now and liked them so much that I became an ambassador for them. They are all vegan friendly, cruelty free and freshly made in the UK with sustainably sourced ingredients – a real treat for your skin. You can find all the products I've used here - if you buy anything please remember to add me as your ambassador at the checkout. If you would like a free 1:1 advice session for me to provide bespoke advice regarding your needs give me shout. 
Here’s my personal routine: 
I use the cream cleanser in the morning and evening – it’s great for taking make up off and smells divine. In the morning I rinse it off in the shower using a bamboo face cloth. I use skin polish once or twice a week which is exfoliating, get rid of dead skin cells helps renew skin cells and makes your skin brighter and fresher. I also use the fruit peel resurfacing serum every now and again. 
To moisturise I use skin feast for daytime and skin dream at night, both with a couple of drops of the super greens nutrient boost oil – not that keen on this smell but it’s definitely worth it for the effects! 
Once that's sunk in then you are ready to go with makeup … 

Base products for glowing skin 

I’d start off with an undercover concealer cream if you feel you want to conceal areas e.g. dark circles under your eyes, shadows around your nostrils or it might be a bit of high colour on your cheeks. Apply using your fingertips, this is actually the best way to apply any cream products because the warmth of your fingers helps to melt the product, so it goes on smoother and more evenly. Use a patting motion for applying the concealer, you're not trying to rub it in, you actually just want to pat it onto the surface of your skin. 
The next stage would be beauty booster foundation cream this is very light despite having an SPF factor 35 in it. Apply this all over with your fingertips blending from your nose outwards, you don’t need much. 

How to apply blusher and highlighter 

Blusher next, apply to the apples of your cheeks, do a cheesy grin to find them, and then again, using your second finger, just pat the blusher, don’t drag your skin at all. Pat and blend as you go, fading upwards along your cheekbones towards your hairline. 
You can then use a highlighter if you want to, I think this gives a nice finish. I suggest with highlighter, you do the same thing as blusher -using your second finger and then just pat it along the tops of your cheekbones. Maybe a tiny bit on the end of your nose and you can just put a little tiny bit on your cupids bow which will accentuate your lips and make your them look fuller. 

Video tutorial : applying cream make up products 

Eyeshadow and eyebrows 

I’m still going with a powder product for eyeshadow as it can double up for eyebrows as well. I prefer brushes for these two jobs. Finish off with a coat or two of mascara and a slick of lippy et voila! Ready to face the day looking lovely, light and fresh yet polished. 
The benefit is that the whole look + mascara + foundation is in the one palette that you pick and mix products to create your unique set - always happy to advise if you need help. 

Summer must haves 

As well as a lighter, fresher make up, with summer on its way you might want to think about tanning – either actual tanning or fake. Tropic have covered all bases here are a few things you might want to check out. 
Sundrops -a ‘slow glow’ which gradually builds up. It’s got nutrients and is a serum that you apply daily, and it will gradually build up colour, working with your skin so it mimics your natural skin colour with a tan. 
For maximum protection you might want to use a facial sun cream with an SPF50. Tropic have a specific, non-greasy one that is designed for your face which will help prevent damage from free radicals UVA and UVB Rays called Sun Day
If you want to stick with an all-in-one product, the tinted facial sun cream which is kind of like a makeup product and sun cream in one with an SPF 50 check out Skin Shade
For your body you could try my favourite, which is instant glow perfecting leg serum. Perfect for those days when your legs looking a bit pasty, and you've decided that you want to wear a dress! You just smooth it on, its instantly gives you a soft bit of colour for your legs and then it just washes off. 
If you prefer something you just use like a body lotion that gradually builds up a tan, try summer skin or if you want a full on bronzy overnight try sun-drenched which is an overnight tanning mousse – don’t forget to use a tanning mitt and wash your hands thoroughly. 
Again (as with your face) I suggest that you exfoliate your body first using body smooth body polish. My pampering treat is to have a nice luxurious bath with the luxury bath foam finished off with body polish, rinse that off, moisturise - go with your tanning product once your moisturiser’s soaked in. 
All the Tropic products have a 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence and remember, if you want specific advice on which colours to buy etc them I'm nore than happy to help - just get in touch and we can arrange a call. And finally, if you do place an order please remember to pop my name in as your ambassdaor at the checkout (Lisa Newport)- thank you  
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