Love Sausage 

So here we are, the media is just bonkers with Valentine’s Day stuff and all things romantic. Red roses, chocolate and prosecco, love hearts everywhere. Marks and Spencer’s even have a love sausage you can woo your beloved with! 
There’s so much stuff about love and romance in the air but my question to you is do you love YOURSELF enough? And how do you show it? How many of us do actually love ourselves (and I don’t mean in an arrogant, show off type of way) and take care to treat our ourselves accordingly? 
Do you take good care of yourself? Do you look after yourself as if you’re a precious thing to be loved and treasured? Nope? Thought not. I’m the first one to admit that I haven’t always treated myself as well as I could. I’ve been at the bottom of my priority list many times. I’m much better these days than I ever was. 
In fact I’m investing in myself with some professional therapy that’s helping me take the steps I’ve not been able sort on my own with self development books. To me, this is the ultimate investment and is helping me make great mindset shifts. Another piece in my empowerment jigsaw. 
The benefit of me doing this work is that I am able to step into my power and the ripple effect is that I’m then helping clients to step into theirs through my work. It’s win, win. 

Conditioned to feel guilty 

Us women are often conditioned to feel guilty about spending time on ourselves. We look after our families and prioritise making sure they have what they need, and we slide down the list. Things like people pleasing, not sticking to our boundaries, not resting when we need to etc etc 
We all have different priorities in life, for some people it can be only eating nourishing food whereas for others a blowout meal or a takeaway when you can’t be arsed to cook might be the thing; spa days, regular massages, yoga, meditation, exercise, time with friends or in nature, holidays abroad, shopping for designer clothes, painting, reading – it doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you choose something that is right for you. 
Most of my clients come to me because they’ve decided to prioritise themselves as the face of their personal brand and business. Quite often they have got to a point where they’ve been at the bottom of the list for too long, making do with stuff that doesn’t make their heart sing and decided enough is enough and it’s time for a change. 
• They might be a mum who has a bit more time for themselves now the kids are older. They realise that their identity has been lost somewhere along the way while they were busy looking after everyone else as well as trying to run a business. They’re fed up of blending in and feel like it’s their time to shine. 
• Sometimes it’s the menopause that is the turning point. They don’t like how their body shape has changed and how their hair and skin has altered, a bit of confidence has been lost. They want to look and feel  their best authentic self but not sure where to start. They feel like it’s time to show up in all their glory in business and in life. 
• Sometimes they have hit a milestone birthday and are ready to make a fresh start. Ready to make changes with how they look and present themselves because up until now they’ve been conditioned to worry about what other people think. They’re ready to put two fingers up to the world and be unapologetically themselves but want a guiding hand and cheerleader. 

Express yourself authentically 

The one thing they all have in common is that they are ready for truly expressing their identity in the most authentic way. They are ready to put themselves as a priority and peel back the layers to show up in all their glory. They want to shine brighter as the gorgeous person they already are because they’re now ready to light up and lead the way for their clients. 
They’re ready to be more visible, express their individuality, fully embrace their uniqueness in their branding and raise their energy so their VIBE is so aligned it magnetically attracts their tribe. 
They are ready to take their self love and acceptance to the next level so they can shine brighter. It’s a journey and as the mentor I’m guiding them along the path. I have a couple of spaces currently open in my diary for two new 1:1 coaching clients at the subsidised price of £150pcm. If you want to find out more and Raise Your VIBE then lets have a no obligation chat. 

Treat yourself 

But if you’re not quite ready for that deep dive but you can make a start by treating yourself to things that are little luxuries. Take care of yourself on the day to day things. Raise your standards and raise your vibe for yourself. You’re worth it. 
Things that make me feel nice are not always big expensive  things – it’s the little things every day that can make all the difference. Like crisp clean sheets when you get into bed at night, your favourite wine, a bunch of flowers from the supermarket, actually burning the lovely smelly candle, a phone call with someone you love, saying no to something you don’t want to do, putting your feet up and having a rest when you need it, stopping the negative self-talk and recognising your achievements…the list goes on. 
So, my question to you this Valentine’s Day is how are you going to commit to loving yourself? 
Start with a list of the top ten things you like about yourself. If you struggle to find ten try for fifteen. 
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