I felt like I'd arrived at a crossroad 

I lay in bed the other Saturday morning pondering. I felt frustrated, angry, sad, unheard...various events beyond my control were affecting how I was showing up. I knew my energy was off. I didn’t like it. I felt like I’d arrived at some kind of crossroad. I could turn back, carry on or change direction. 
I voiced my feelings to my husband. He listened. I cried. We talked. I felt better. I then decided it was time for change, but I wasn’t sure what needed to happen. 
In times like this I sometimes journal to get clarity or I talk things through. That weekend was a talking one. I felt refreshed thanks to my husband and a 2-hour telephone call with a wise friend on Sunday morning. Almost like a new and improved version of me evolved as a result. Like an upgrade. 

Creating a networking community for 50+ women 

Later that afternoon opened a bottle of prosecco in celebration of making a decision that has been percolating for over two years. I wrote this – from the heart, no editing, I just let it all out… 
The seeds were sown pre lockdown as I decided to terminate my memberships to existing networking groups I’d been part of for some time. They were OK, right at the time even but I felt like it was time to move on. I’ve tried several other groups for size since. I’ve even explored the option of becoming a franchisee for other networks. None have been *exactly* the right fit. 
A bit like shoes that you like the look of but aren’t really 100% comfortable. There’s a little pinch here or there. You know that they’ll be OK for sitting down in but if you wanted to really go for it, to dance and let your hair down, aka full on being YOU, they make your tootsies very uncomfortable. Or belly stopper knickers. They’re OK for a short while, you can handle the pressure and they make a great first impression, but you can’t wait to get home, get them off and let it all hang out. 
That’s how I’ve felt in most of the places I’ve found to hang out over the past few years. So, now, as from 6th March 2022, I’m done. I’m creating *THAT* space. That community, that tribe. Where I feel totally comfortable to be me and everyone else who decides to hang out with feels the same. 

Empowered and embracing midlife 

It’s for women, those who are around fifty-ish and beyond, they are so done with all the bullshit and politics, they want to be heard and seen. Not put in a corner like Baby. 
They are happy to be empowered and embracing midlife, they acknowledge the wisdom their age provides. They may or may not be ready to embrace their greying hair or laughter lines – this tribe don’t mind – as long as you are open and honest, happy, with enough self-awareness to know why you’re not ready. 
It’s for women who’ve been through shit, are resilient and have come out the other side having learnt the lessons. Women who feel empowered by life experience but who need to feel like other likeminded women have their back and there’s support when required. 
It’s for women who open minded, aren’t fearful of trying new things, women who are open to exploring the woo woo and have discussions around the universe and the law of attraction. Women who aren’t scared by a card reading or visiting a medium for example. 
It’s for women who aren’t going to clutch their pearls if an F bomb gets dropped or even an occasional C word if the time calls for it. 
It’s for women who identify as, or who would like to be more ballsy and who don’t get offended by that word or the energy that surrounds it. 
It’s for women who are my tribe. The ones who want to put two fingers up to the should judges and are not ready to blend into the background of midlife mediocrity. 
It’s a space where we feel safe to say what’s on our minds without judgement, to speak freely but kindly and support our sisters. 
We’ll perhaps meet and chat, have a dance or be playful, listen to speakers, grow our minds- who knows how things will evolve? For now, I’m looking for women who want to be a part of it. The F.A.B.* Movement fifty-ish, authentic and ballsy... 

Nottingham networking for women 50+ 

I shared it on social media and within 6 hours I had 50 members in the new Facebook group! 3 Days later there were 100 members! I bought a domain name, created a logo, FB business page and an Instagram account – we are off the starting blocks – watch this space. 
I hosted the first meeting of group members on Monday. There were 5 of us and I shared my vision for the group and beyond- which includes a membership strand, an online forum and face to face meetings, local to me in Nottingham, nationally and even internationally for networking and masterminding opportunities. Also, there will be a full day large 'gathering' in the autumn - I'll let you know when that date is confirmed. (I will be looking for guest speakers on a range of topics.) 
Empowering, enlightening, entertaining and energising 
We agreed that we would have checklist focusing on all the e's... If it ticks one or more of those boxes it will be a good fit for the group: 
We discussed the possibility of having ambassadors running subgroups for areas of interest such as food, books, art & music...all in all it was a really nice little conflab. There’ll be another one next Monday via Zoom time tbc – we’ll be having a bit of speed networking (aka a chat in break out rooms) to get to know each other followed by a Zentangle session. It’s method of relaxation and mindfulness. An easy to learn and fun way to create beautiful images without needing to be artistic. You’ll need a blank sheet of paper and a felt tip – everyone welcome. Join the group to keep updated. 
Community for women to sit alongside personal style and image business 
The excitement and potential are taking me back to the year 2000 when grew my Virgin Vie business by bringing women together. The skills I learned through network marketing have gone on to serve me well. Back in those days in was done organically though. Pre internet and social media, it was literally word of mouth and referrals. It’s going to sit perfectly alongside my personal style and image business. I think it’s called a business portfolio -lol. I’d love you to join me as a founder member if any of the stuff above resonates with you. Click here to join. 
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