Meet Pushy Prunella 

I’d hate to be seen as Sharky Suzy type at a networking event. Well, at any event to be honest. I’ve written before about the networking personality types and I forgot to add in Sharky Suzy. She’s closely related to Pushy Prunella. (You can read about the other types here.) 

Meet Sharky Suzy 

Sharky Suzy is worse because she’s predatory, and actually circles around hunting for fresh meat. She’s clever, a people reader for her own gain. She particularly likes to tune into any vulnerability shown, then tell you how working with her specifically will help you banish your self-doubting imposter syndrome etc. 
While we are told to focus on pain points in our marketing, this approach used in conversation can backfire and come across as predatory. Not many people enjoy feeling ‘sold to’ with hard sell techniques. Suzy could be mindful of how she comes across when trying to close sales. It feels sleazy. 
Instead, Suzy could be more patient and strive to build a relationship of trust and respect with her peers. By listening to their needs and concerns then genuinely offering solutions that are tailored to their specific situation. By taking this approach, she could build a strong reputation and close sales in a way that is both effective and ethical. 
Needless to say this type of behaviour is not welcomed in the FAB Business Club. It just doesn’t fit with the ethos of the community and the type of supportive vibe we are protective of. 
Rather than me keep telling you how amazing it is I’ve been interviewing members of the FAB business club to find out what they value about and find so special. Here are transcript excerpts from just a couple of them so far. You can listen to the full interviews here. 

What inspired you to join the FAB Business Club? 

“It was you! Because I knew that anything that you did or anything that you were organising or anything that you were a part of was going to be fun, successful, and inspiring and it is all of those things. 
I think it was the way that you presented it, the idea that it wasn't that it was much more about a support system and much more about having a group of people around you that could support you and hold you up. 
it was definitely that idea of being part of a network where you could totally be yourself. We're all professional women. We all run our own businesses. But sometimes you want to just kind of let loose and tell people how you feel. And if you are having a **** day, you want to be able to say you’re having a **** day and there's not a lot of networking groups that I've been in where I felt comfortable enough to do that and. And yours is the one really where I always feel comfortable enough to do that. 
You've gathered such an amazing group of people together and hopefully that will continue to grow, and we will continue to expand our community. There's a lot of coaches in our club and some people would say, ‘oh, why are you networking with a bunch of other coaches? you know, you're not gonna get any work from there’ but it's not about that for me. It's about the fact that I can pull on the knowledge of those people because we're all slightly different. 
We all do things in a slightly different way. We all have slightly different backgrounds. We all come at it from a slightly different angle, and I think for me that's where the beauty of it is. The beauty of it is, is not only do I know that these women support me and want me to succeed and really, really want me to succeed. (there's no lip service in it. They genuinely want me to succeed. ) But there's also a room full of knowledge, and I know that if I need to ask a question, I can. Maybe call another member and ask How would you handle this situation or I’m thinking about doing this, what's your advice and they would give it freely because we're all part of a community of women that support women.” 

What inspired you to join the FAB Business Club? 

“I've joined different networks. I think like coaching, the fit of the network is really important and, like friendships, some friends are for a season, some friends are for life and it's the same with networking. I think. I have experimented with different networks and the thing that really resonated with me was that whole women supporting women. Because, let's face it, I went to an all-girls boarding school. I've worked in nursing. It was in those days predominantly female and actually women aren't always very nice to each other. when you get a group of women together, they can be quite clicky. They can be quite ******. It isn't always a very pleasant experience. So when an all-female network was first mentioned, I had to kind of think is that where I want to go being brutally honest. but actually the whole vibe and the whole energy about this is actually we're breaking them all. This is like nothing you've ever had before you've ever experienced. And the whole premise is about, you can give honest feedback in a spirit of love and support and actually there is nothing more fabulous than women who genuinely support and want the best for each other. It's so powerful, and that's been my experience. 
So my favourite thing about the Fab network or one of my favourites because. there are lots, but one of my really, really key favourite things for me is although there's a structure but none of the other nonsense, bells ringing, people clock watching all of that kind of stuff, you can only speak in a certain order. You have to speak in a certain way etc. It’s the freedom to be completely who you are in that moment at any meeting, whether that's celebratory or sad, we've, you know, the FAB network has their arms around you.” 
Self Starters wanted! 
You may or may not have noticed that history was made in September as the FAB business club branched out with its first affiliate host. I’m super excited to be supporting Sam Munslow on this journey as my first “daughter”. 
I’m drawing on my experience of 7 years in multi-level marketing, with Virgin Cosmetics 20+ years ago, and growing a team. What we have created in our community is so special that it would be mean not to share the opportunity and spread the love. 
I’m looking for self-starters to become hosts in all areas of the UK but firstly you need to visit a meeting to feel the VIBE... 
So, if you are a woman in business looking to expand your network and meet like-minded individuals? Look no further than the FAB business club meetings in October! Our club is dedicated to empowering and supporting women in business, and we believe that support and collaboration is key to success. 
At our meetings, you'll have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and even discover new business opportunities whilst feeling part of a supportive sisterhood. Plus, we always have lots of fun and engaging talks scheduled, so you're sure to leave feeling inspired and energised. Your first visit is free – ask me about a golden ticket. Membership starts at £35 pcm and is your passport to attend meetings for free plus lots of other benefits. Don't miss out on this chance to grow your network and your business - join us in October at a FAB business club meeting! They are all online 11am-1pm and you can choose one of 3 dates – 5th, 11th, or the 19th. 
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