Self employment - not your own best boss 

I saw a meme recently that said something like “self-employment- working 80 hours a week for yourself to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else”. 
I think, probably for the first six years of my business that was possibly true. I think I was working nonstop and feeling like I couldn’t take a break because I was fearful. 
Fearful that business would dry up 
Fearful of outsourcing in case I couldn’t afford it. 
Fearful of having to go back into employment and all that entailed. 
The irony was that I’d become self-employed to avoid working for a bullying boss in a toxic environment ever again because it was necessary to protect my mental health. I probably wasn’t being the best boss of myself. 

Business planned to make a difference 

I started planning my business back in 2013. I created my business because I could remember how frustrating it was to sit amongst a pile of clothes, close to tears and not wanting to go out with friends because I felt awful. I’d spent many years with low self-esteem and popping anti-depressants until I eventually got myself out of the rut. 
Tackling your wardrobe and changing the relationship you have with clothes is a form of self-care and whilst it took me several years and some formal qualifications, I wanted to provide other women with a shortcut to the joy of having confidence in your own personal style and image. I had first-hand experience of the difference it could make. 
I’d been fascinated by colour analysis for such a long time. My mum first had her colours done way back in the 1980s and I’d always absolutely loved it and dabbled with the theory but had never been able to afford to formally train to do it. 
So, when I got an unexpected windfall, I invested that money, and I trained properly in colour analysis and learned about styling. It blended perfectly with my experience of textiles and fashion and my make-up background. I pulled it all together into my business, which has evolved over the years but is still always about female empowerment. 

Liberate your VIBE 

I call myself a VIBE Liberator. Your vibe is all about what you are transmitting to the world and, because I love an acronym, here is how it becomes liberated when you join my tribe. 
V = Visibility 
No more being a well-kept secret and lurking in the shadows. You’ll stand taller, loud, and proud. Your visibility and the space you take up in the world increases as you feel able to show up unapologetically as your authentic self. This will be due to the fact that we’ve had a deep dive into your business and the best way to showcase your personal branding. We will have explored your values and how you can communicate them by being 100% comfortable in your own skin. You will own the room in your own way and have ‘comfydence’. 
And now, thanks to the support, camaraderie and personal and business development embedded into the FAB Network membership it’s a safe space to show up, be seen, heard and practise that visibility too. 
I = Individuality 
Your individuality is what makes you YOU. Your personality is relevant to every aspect of your appearance and that of your business. This is where understanding what works for you as an individual comes into its own. For that to happen, you need to feel comfortable and confident that you’re expressing your identity authentically; when you know what you want your clothes and branding to say about you. It’s about being more you – exploring your identity and being more yourself than you’ve ever been before and believing you can do it – having the self-belief and confidence to make the transformation you desire. 
You will be happy in your own skin and feel like you have nailed your personal style and brand identity. 
We develop your ‘signature look’ aka personal brand identity so that your uniqueness is embraced, and your individuality shines through. It’s practically uncopyable because it’s so very YOU. 
B= Belonging 
Community is a biggie for me. Finding your tribe and feeling part of a community where you can show up as your authentic self without fear of judgement is not only a great feeling, but also essential so that you can thrive, being the true you, and honouring who you actually are. I didn’t for a long time. I lost parts of myself for a variety of reasons. I ultimately became a greyscale version of me and that is a big part of my why when I created the super supportive FAB Network. It’s where the dots all join up to being YOU, then being more you and even more you. 

FAB Network = community for women in business 

'A massive thanks to Lisa Newport for creating a community where I now feel like I belong… Having been a member now for over a year I have benefited from being amongst women who either identify as female, authentic, and ballsy or like me aspire to be. And because of that I have grown, evolved, and been inspired to be even more me, more authentic and more ballsy. I have learned so much and I have felt so accepted for who I am now and never felt any pressure to be anything other than that. ’ Sheryl Andrews 
‘FAB is more than a network, Lisa Newport is creating a community! I love being part of a group of people with shared values, the opportunities for collaboration, the place to be just who you are, unconditionally accepted and supported. The range of perspectives, knowledge, skills and wisdom in the room is awesome. It’s a space I love being in … both online and in person and I am very proud of my founder member badge. I knew it was a brilliant vision & I love being part of it.’ Dr Jenny Gordon 
‘What I didn't expect was to find great connection and friendship. What I didn't expect to find was a boost when I feel low and a buzz just from being there. As Dr. Jenny Gordon says, it's a community not a network and I love it for being so.’ Debs Carey 
E= Empowering 
So hopefully you can see how all the areas of my work come together. When I work with women in business to develop their visibility, individuality, and sense of belonging it all comes together in empowerment. 
Back to that meme that inspired this piece of writing. I’m better at looking after myself and having boundaries these days. I haven’t totted up how many hours a week I work recently. It could be more than 40, who knows? I can and do switch off because I’m not fearful anymore. These days I acknowledge that I can control my destiny. It doesn’t have to be driven by fear or anyone else. I’ve created my business to fit around doing what I love. I’m a pretty good boss to myself these days. How about you? Are you the best boss you’ve ever had or is there room for improvement? 
Remember gals ‘Control your own destiny or someone else will.’ Jack Welch 
FAB Network : female authentic ballsy 
You can find out more about visiting a FAB Network meeting here  
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