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This week I’m wondering about how you feel about freebies. Especially if it’s based around you making some kind of change. If there’s no skin in the game, are you less likely to be committed to taking action? 
Personally, when I’m considering working with someone, I like to get a feel for how they work before I part with my hard earned cash. I need to feel aligned with them and their values. I need to feel like they would ‘get’ me, and we could work together easily. I’m in favour of a freebie. 
Getting to know, like and trust someone is a biggie for me. They say people buy people but it’s more than that. People buy people they like and have an affinity with. Whose message calls to them and whose language resonates. Your vibe attracts your tribe. 
Because of this I give loads of information away for free. These weekly newsletters with tips and advice, my free masterclasses, blogs and articles, posts on my social media channels e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook,Instagram, YouTube etc. I’m also happy to guest on podcasts, TV and radio sharing my content.  

Try before you buy  

The reason I’m happy to share my knowledge and expertise freely is to showcase my stuff. It’s to help potential clients get an idea of what it might be like to work with me. It works best for me this way. I much prefer to offer a try before you buy way of working. When someone has decided that they want what I offer they already have an idea of what I’m like before they cross my palm with silver and invest time and money. 
There is a school of thought that thinks people don’t value free and I believe this to be true to some extent. It’s much easier to make the decision to not turn up for something you signed up for that is free. Although, in my personal experience I’ve had some cracking free information in the form of masterclasses and webinars etc that have been really useful. In the online learning world, it is common for people to even pay for and sign up for things but then not be motivated to take action. I can see it happening with my own clients at times. I admit to doing it myself once or twice, especially if I’ve been tempted by a special offer, but the time hasn’t been quite right for me. 
Also, I’ve donated vouchers for online courses and colour analyses in the past as raffle prizes that have never been claimed. 

Free information is useless without action 

There is also the prospect of if someone is used to getting things from you for free, they will object to paying further down the line. I’m ok with that. If someone is a freebie hunter and only ever wants to consume my free stuff they aren’t committed to investing in themselves. It is rarely about money or affordability. It’s about investment. I have created lower priced self- study options for clients who don’t necessarily have the money but can invest their time to making a change. 
Either way, information free or paid for is useless without action. 
Being inspired and having good intentions without taking action is, as I say in my book, the same as signing up for a slimming club but not changing your eating. It isn’t going to make you slimmer. You will need to take action and do the work. 
If you don’t take action and see results, then your intentions will fade quite quickly. For all the information, free or paid, to have any real value you need to make a shift from being a consumer of information to being a person who’s decided to do something. 

Find the right fit 

Now I know I’m not for everyone and nor do I want to be. I am not magnolia paint! There are so many other stylists/image consultants out there who can do a colour reading for you or a wardrobe weed or something that on the surface looks similar to what I offer, but they are not me and won’t do it in the same way I do. And, like a pair of jeans, it’s absolutely about finding the right fit. How can you know if they’re right if you don’t try them on? 
I’ve watered myself down and muted my personality in the past. Been worried about dropping the odd F bomb or being too loud. I’ve felt like I was “too much” and tried to fit in with folk who weren’t really my people. I’ve tried to force a square peg in a round hole. It sucks. 
Compassion over fashion 
If you’re familiar with my story, you’ll know that eventually I lost myself. I became a greyscale version of me. My identity was compromised, and I was unhappy. It crept up on me. It wasn’t an overnight thing. 
Then, when my life as I knew came crashing down around me, I could’ve easily given in. I chose to rebuild and reconnect with who I was at my core. No longer making do and creating boundaries, as a result, my self-worth improved. (I’m still a work in progress by the way.) 
This is when I chose to start a business to help other women see themselves and reconnect with who they are. To help them shine from the inside out, harnessing the power of colour and clothes but more in the way of using compassion over fashion. Empowering them to own their look and dress with confidence so that they can show up more powerfully than ever before. 

Free masterclass - how to choose colours that suit you  

It feels more than a business to me. It’s a mission and I need to spread the word which is why I choose to serve my audience. To me, free stuff is a way of showcasing me and my work and that accelerates the know, like, trust factor. So that when you’re ready you know where I am. 
I’ve got a free 60 min colour masterclass this Thursday 24 Feb 2022 7pm (London time). No strings apart from pre-registration so I can send you the link. I’d love to meet you. And if we’ve met before I’d love to see you again. 
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