Encouraging Team Spirit 

The FAB Business Club is going on tour this week. We’re off up north to a business event at Bolton Wanderers football grounds. 
It’s actually a milestone in terms of my business journey, as I’m sponsoring a table at an event. I feel like a proper grown up business! It pushed me out of my comfort zone if I’m honest. It was a risk as I had no idea if I’d be able to sell the other nine seats at £295 a pop. All I knew was that I’d been at the last event on someone else’s table. The event was super inspiring and energising and I absolutely knew I would be at the next one. So did a couple if the others on our table. As a sponsor your get your business name on promotional material – the business world needs to know about the FAB BUSINESS CLUB. It made sense. 
My aim for the event is to encourage team spirit and camaraderie for our table. Thankfully the rest of my table are on board, I reckon it will add to the fun. (And of course, we also want to create impact, stand out from the crowd and be the table everyone wants to be at.) 

Add Sparkle to the Team VIBE 

I learned a lot about fostering team spirit when I worked for the Virgin Cosmetics Company. We were all self-employed and had our own targets and motivation for being part of it. As the manager of several teams in my area it was vital that we all pulled in the same direction despite our varied goal for me to achieve my area sales targets. By building a culture of incentives and recognition, respect, and warm fuzzy feelings, I created a gang of highly motivated women ready to conquer the world. 
From team get togethers to mini competitions, every little bonding moment added a sparkle to the team vibe. I found that when teammates feel like they're part of a squad, magic happens they team up, collaborate, trust each other, and cheerlead together. With this kind of team atmosphere, morale skyrocketed, but also recruiting and sales went off the charts! It was win win for all involved. 
Several times a year we would get together at a big hotels for company conferences, product launches, personal development and celebrations of achievements. Prize winners were invited up to the stage to collect awards and there was an amazing energy. It was a great opportunity to dress up and let your hair down with peers too. They were always something to look forward to, especially as many of us had young kids and didn’t get chance to just be ourselves rather than mum. 
We started to have team colours or themes at these events so that everyone could see who was part of which team and we’d be instantly recognisable. It was a bit of fun and generated a bit of giddiness as we planned what we’d wear before the event. Bearing in mind I usually had a coach of team members with anything from 80-120 of us attending it could get quite complicated. Everyone wanted to feel part of though so were up for joining in. One time we all wore pinks wigs, another time we had dresses for the gala dinner in ‘berry colours’, another event we all wore black with long gold sparkly scarves. That particular event was 200, held at the NEC and I was up on stage to receive a soft top VW Beetle in front of 6000 other consultants, I was shaking like a leaf ! They were very happy days indeed. 
I fancied doing something similar for the event this week, but obviously without dictating what people had to wear (because it’s about comfydence*) so I got my thinking cap on. I decided that I’d provide something we could all quickly throw on for a photo opportunity that would raise our profile at the event. I’m sure you’ll see the photos over the next couple of days. I’m not telling you what I have planned yet as it’s going to be a surprise. 
*As you know, I’m all about comfydence. Comfydence is my made up word. It came about almost 10 years ago when I got my words muddled up. I was talking about how my clients wanted to feel as a result of working with me. 
Comfortable + confident = comfydence. 
Since then it’s stuck. I use it all the time. People seem to get it.Comfydence is a state of mind that can be achieved by wearing the right outfit.It is when you look and feel just right for whatever situation or environment you find yourself in . So different things will provide comfydence on different days depending on what you are doing. Being physically comfortable in your clothes makes a difference to how you hold yourself. You can be full present in the moment when you feel comfortable. No fiddling or adjusting going on. You can be listening fully or mindfully focused on the job in hand. 
Eg. If you have aching feet because your shoes are pinching, a wedgie cos your pants are being eaten by your bum or waistband that digs in when you sit down where is your focus? 
Being comfortable makes things easier to be fully present.Therefore wearing an outfit you feel comfortable in for the situation/environment adds to confidence. NB. The opposite happens if you are ONLY physically comfortable but under/overdressed for the occasion. 

Networking With Comfydence 

FAB Business Club takes comfydence beyond clothes. It’s a networking space that embodies the concept of comfydence. It’s a space where you can feel comfortable and confident to be yourself, warts and all in a relaxed supportive environment and the big festoon values and ethos are totally aligned with this. 
I have my own outfits sorted too that embody my brand. There’s obviously a flamingo or two going to be involved. I love how when people see flamingos they think of me. I’m often tagged in things on social media and bought flamingo themed gifts. Flamingos are not only a very visual part of my branding, but the symbolism mirrors the essence and values of my brand too. I’ve written a whole blog about where the flamingo thing started. You can read it here. 
Always be a flamingo amongst the flock of pigeons because Fabulous Luminaries Always Make an Impression and Never Get Overlooked 
Top tip: Create a memorable brand that reflects your values and personality. Think about your logo, colour scheme, and overall aesthetic. Make sure it's consistent across all your platforms. Remember, being different is a good thing! Embrace what makes your small business special and let it shine like a beacon. 

Shine In Your Entreprenuerial Quest 

The other similarity about this BIG Festoon event that I’m going to is the opportunity for self-development. There’ll be a load of speakers on a wide range of topics that will help us learn and grow. I strongly believe that self-growth is the secret sauce for solopreneurs, helping us keep up in the ever-changing business world. By levelling up our skills, ideas and mindset, solo business owners can rock a one-person show. Self-improvement keeps us motivated, inspired, and resourced when faced with hurdles. It's unlocks new doors, sparks fresh ideas, and keeps us ahead of the game. Plus, it boosts confidence, leadership mojo, and smart decision-making - all mega-important for us solopreneurs to shine in our entrepreneurial quest. It fuels our business for the long haul. 
Counteract the Lonely Solopreneur Vibe 
Then of course there’s the networking! It’s all about making new connections and catching up with those you have met before. Networking isn't just about swapping business cards—it's like a magical toolbox for solopreneurs! Flamingling with fellow business owners, trading ideas and chatting with likeminded individuals who get it is awesome. It often unlocks doors to new opportunities and collaborations too. Kicking back and relaxing in the evenings after a full on day of speakers, is all part and part of the whole experience. The bar in the evening is like the equivalent of the golf course for our male counterparts. Making friends in the biz world is essential to counteract the lonely solopreneur vibe which is what my members of the FAB business club value so much. 
Look out for the photos on my social media over the next couple of days. 
FAB Business Club : female authentic ballsy 
This community is really special. It's got the most amazing vibe going on. It’s a safe space where you can metaphorically fling off your bra. It’s women empowering women and providing a circle of support because being in business can be a lonely place. 
It's a supportive business network with personal development and a heart centred vibe at the core of the community – no pressured referrals or other stuff you don’t like about networking. It’s birds of a feather networking and growing their businesses together, sharing collective wisdom, a place to thrive and celebrate camaraderie. It’s a space where you feel like you have come home. 
We have monthly meetings, online and face to face events. Your first meeting is free, hit me up for a complimentary 'Golden Ticket' to see if we're a good fit. 
The paid membership includes an option to upgrade your networking to include personal style and brand mentoring with me. There's also free FB group if you’re not ready to invest just yet. Come and join in the conversation. 
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