A-Z Make up for mature skin part 2 

You may recall, a few weeks ago, that I sent out part 1 of this A-Z series - sorry for the delay in sending out part 2. 
I got waylaid on getting my manuscript sorted for my first book Project FAB! No More Making Do... Your guide to confidence with colour and clothes (thanks to everyone who replied to my plea last week and helped me settle on the title. If you're interested on being on the preview list you can sign up here. 
Anyway, I digress, here is part 2. Again, I have chosen to not to promote particular brands nor provide product names, instead I have kept my tips quite general. If you want specific advice on the Tropic brand products I'm happy to advise you as i am an ambassador for them and use their products myself. Just let me know by emailing hello@lisanewportstyle.com if you want to book a quick chat and I'll get my calendar sent over to you. 


Products with light reflective particles have illuminating properties. Anywhere you use a product with illuminating properties will appear to come forward. So, if you’re using a highlighter on your cheekbones for example that’s a good thing, whereas using a concealer with light reflective particles to reduce the appearance of eyebags it has the opposite effect. It is, however, effective for dark circles. Only use a matte product if you want eye bags to recede. 


As with everything else that you wear, I encourage you only to wear make up in such a way that it brings you joy. Never feel obliged to wear it if you don’t want to. If you feel that you want to wear it some days but not others that is absolutely fine. I really enjoy the mindfulness of my make up routine and the whole process of applying it. I now wear fewer products, post pandemic and being home more, than I ever have for years. 


A kabuki brush is a little, short-handled brush, a bit like an olde fashioned shaving brush. They have short handles and dense, domed bristles. They are absolutely brilliant for applying mineral powder foundation as they have a diffusing effect and allow you to buff and blend to a flawless finish without the powder looking cakey on your pores or around the fine lines. 


Your lips might have lost some of their plumpness with age. Matte finish lipsticks and darker colours will make your lips appear smaller so it might be best to stick with lighter, brighter or neutral colours if this is a concern. And, If you’ve been a smoker, you might have exacerbated those lines around your lips that come with age and now be worried about lipstick bleeding. There are waxy lipliner products that help prevent feathering but also again be mindful of the colours you choose – generally reds are the worst culprits. 


Keeping your skin well moisturised will help it look more vibrant and therefore youthful. Being hydrated from the inside is good, so drink lots of fresh water. I’d also recommend using a day cream with an SPF and a richer, nourishing night cream. Your make up is always going to look better on well looked after skin. You might want to think about eye cream and neck cream these days too. Be careful about putting creams that are too rich near your eyes as it can migrate and cause them to become puffy. 


To polish or not to polish, that is the question. I always have a gel manicure personally as they don’t smudge and lasts for 2-3 weeks without really having to look after it. I really like to have bright, bold colours but I appreciate that’s not for everyone. I think it’s better to have no polish at all than chipped nail polish. You could try buffing them if you don’t have time for polish, this just makes them look a bit shiny and well kept. 


Facial oils are one of my favourite things, and while they’re not strictly make up products, they are about prepping the skin and making it look tip top so that you don’t need layers and layers of foundation for your skin to look fantastic. They will work alongside your skins natural oils and rather than make you feel greasy (as I know some people are worried about) they are soothing and lock in moisture, plumping up your skin cells and making it feel silky smooth. 


Primer is one of those products that you can leave out of your routine if you want to save time and money. If, however, you want your make up to last longer and have a better, more professional finish it’s probably worth investing in. As with primer when you are painting and decorating, you will get a more polished finished look. Eye make-up primer can be helpful if you’re experiencing creasing of your eyeshadow, it can also make the colour of your eye make-up appear stronger too as it forms as base layer. 


If you'd like a few more practical tips on make up application it might be worth checking out my online tutorial programme here or following me on YouTube 
PS First reviews of my book are in from a couple of my beta readers - eek! This is one is from Gail who I did my first colour analysis training with. 
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Gail Morgan, Master Image Consultant, Gail Morgan Style 
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