I have a wonderful, free community on Facebook. It's a sisterhood; an extension of the FAB Business Club vibe which is my paid group for female solopreneurs with gumption. 
This community is a safe space for women to hang out without fear of judgement, to give and receive support around life's trials and tribulations, to have a laugh and feel energised. All women are welcome, including cis and trans women. 
I invite members to respond to the prompts or start up conversations. Share memes or articles, check out the recommended book and podcast list (that are pinned in featured) tell us what you're currently enjoying on Netflix, ask about where the best place to buy colourful tights is - anything goes really as long as you're not breaking the group rules. Use it as a social community. 
‘If you find yourself having to tiptoe around you are not walking amongst your tribe.’ Tanya Markul 

Advice for women under 50 

Earlier this week I posted and asked the members who were over 50 to drop a piece of advice for those under 50. Within a short space of time there were 50 pearls of wisdom on the thread. I’m sharing them here with you today – enjoy! 
1.    Do your pelvic floor exercises! 
2.    Do not go on a diet - they make you fat. 
3.    Keep well hydrated by drinking filtered, fresh water (not diet/fizzy drinks) and good fats (they don’t make you fat but help your cells keep the lovely wrinkle avoiding, plumping water in)! 
4.    Don’t forget to moisturise your neck. 
5.    And your décolleté area ( not sure i've spelt it correctly, but you know what I mean). 
6.    Be done with nonsense from today. 
7.    Never do ironing unless it's required for your job or you're having professional photographs taken. If your spouse or kids want stuff ironed? They know where to buy an iron. 
8.    Give up any woven garments where the creases don’t drop out. Stretch fabrics are my permanent go-to for a variety of reasons! 
9.    Only care about opinions from people you respect. What other people think of you is none of your business! 
10. Brush your teeth in a deep squat! It’s supposed to make you live longer 
11. Always ask for what you want. Waiting in hope that others will guess doesn't work. 
12. Never apologise if someone else is in the wrong, especially if it's your partner or spouse. You're setting a bad precedent. 
13. You know all that amazing stuff the over 50s are doing? Do it now. Why waste time waiting for the life you want. 

Get unusual bleeding checked 

14. If you ask/pay someone to do something and they do it badly, make them do it again. Often kids or partner may do a shoddy job to get you of their5 back. If they do it well? Compliment them. If they miss a bit get them to do it. If they do it adequately but not the way you would then accept it and be nice. Otherwise perfectionism will make a martyr of you. 
15. Foundation. Go to a makeup counter and get colour matched. If you get it home and it's the wrong colour or it feels wrong take it back and exchange it or ask for your money back. Sale of goods act applies to cosmetics. 
16. Whatever age you are, if you're experiencing spotting / any bleeding that's unusual for you, get it checked. 
17. Washing your hair only once a week is a good thing and avoid overusing heated products. 
18. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. 
19. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t cope without them in your life. 
20. Never be afraid to say no if you don’t want to do something. 
21. Follow your dreams and make your own path in life. You only get one chance at living so live it how you want to live. 
22. Be yourself - everyone else is taken. 
23. Always wear a moisturiser that has a decent spf 
24. Be fucking outrageous and enjoy every sparkly moment! 
25. People will want to tell you what to do A LOT 
26. It's ok to listen, but in the end do what works or resonates with you. 
27. There is always another choice, so none are bad, they are just learnings for a different way to go. 
28. Don’t think “this will do”. It soon won’t! 
29. Drink plenty of water. Wear SPF. Wear sunglasses. 
30. Saying No is fine. You don’t have to do everything all at once! 
31. Really take time to smell the roses 
32. Tell your parents, family, friends you love them every day. You just don’t know when you won’t be able to anymore. 
33. Value and respect your health. Look after it, any issues don’t wait, get checked out. 
34. Travel. Travel. Travel. Insurance goes up after 70! 
35. Learn to know and love yourself … and then just be that …uniquely brilliant. 

Treat yourself with kindness and love 

36. Treat yourself with kindness and love, if you look at a photo of yourself as a child, tell her all the lovely things you wish you had heard and make sure you believe in yourself. Also make time for lovely treatments like a massage, reflexology or facial at least once a month, as part of your wellbeing, find good, experienced practitioners. Try alternative medicine to compliment the standard stuff. 
37. Check out HRT too - find something that works for you. Read about the menopause as there's lots of information now & try to recognise symptoms so you can help yourself. 
38. Educate yourself about menopause properly. 
39. Go get what you’re planning for as soon as you can. Don’t keep waiting for “when I’ve got this, I’ll do that”! 
40. Do 'it' now, don't wait. 
41. Prioritise orgasms. They are very good for you. 
42. Don’t settle for mediocre sex. Or mediocre anything, come to that. 
43. Don’t settle for someone that’ll ‘do’. Wait for someone who’s good for you. If they never appear, enjoy having such high standards and being an independent woman. 
44. Fuck societal beauty standards. Find your own definition of beauty and see it in yourself and others. 
45. Don’t follow fads, trends, fashion or ‘influencers’. Find your own style and wear it with confidence. Whether it’s mentally or in your wardrobe, be an Iris Apfel in a sea of Kardashians. 
46. Invest in things that bring you joy and have longevity. Whether it’s trousers or tea sets, if you prioritise design and quality and things that make you happy when you use/wear them, they will last you for years. 
47. Have hobbies, not because you’re good at them or can use or display the finished product or can turn them into a side hustle, but because they’re fun and stretch your brain. Learn an instrument or a new language or how to crochet to keep your brain healthy, not because you’ll ever play in public or visit the place or need a doily. 
48. Prioritise your health where you can. Eat well, move enjoyably, don’t ignore niggling problems, advocate for yourself if you’re not getting answers. Because when it goes, it’s a m*therf*cker. 
49. Learn to relax. Learn diaphragmatic breathing, body scans and how to stimulate your vagus nerve. 
No bra burning required 
50. Become an intersectional feminist. This doesn’t mean burning your bra or hating men - quite the opposite. Society (i.e. Patriarchy) pits women against each other and teaches us to feel good about ourselves by finding fault with how other women look or live. This helps no one. Lift all women up, regardless of race, size, appearance, or disability - fuck knows we need it if we’re ever going to get anywhere. A fairer and more equal society is demonstrably better for everyone, including men, in terms of productivity, happiness and progress. 
If you like the vibe emanating from these amazing top tips why not hop over and join the community if you’re not in there already. We’d love to welcome you. What tips would you add to this list? 
FAB Business Club : female authentic ballsy 
This community is really special. It's got the most amazing vibe going on. It’s a safe space where you can metaphorically fling off your bra. It’s women empowering women and providing a circle of support because being in business can be a lonely place. 
It's a supportive business network with personal development and a heart centred vibe at the core of the community – no pressured referrals or other stuff you don’t like about networking. It’s birds of a feather networking and growing their businesses together, sharing collective wisdom, a place to thrive and celebrate camaraderie. It’s a space where you feel like you have come home. 
We have monthly meetings, online and face to face events. Your first meeting is free, hit me up for a complimentary 'Golden Ticket' to see if we're a good fit. 
The paid membership includes an option to upgrade your networking to include personal style and brand mentoring with me. There's also free FB group if you’re not ready to invest just yet. Come and join in the conversation. 
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