Mood Boosting Outfits 

You may have heard the term “dopamine dressing” and think it’s all about jazzy patterns, loud colours and looking like you’ve got dressed in the dark from Su Pollard's wardrobe. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to go all out wacky, children’s TV presenter in clashing colours or Lucy & Yak dungarees... 
Dopamine dressing is simply about truly enjoying what you wear. Wearing things that make you feel good, clothes that make you feel confident and empowered. Outfits that boost your mood and make you happy. 
It’s a personal thing. What sparks joy in you might be very different to what sparks joy in me. 
This is where your innate style personality comes out to play. When you understand why you like what you like, and what it is about the happy dance outfit that’s giving you stylegasm vibes, you can replicate it in future. 
It comes down to self-awareness around your own style. 
For some it will be a sharp, tailored trouser suit and a pair of patent courts, for others it will be an elegant, bias cut dress with strappy heels. For you, it might be a really comfy pair of jeans that hug your curves in all the right places with a pair of purple DM’s. 
Apart from the feel good factor, understanding your own confidence cocktail for clothes can save you time and money. You can shop with purpose and curate a mood boosting capsule collection so that you buy less but wear more of your wardrobe, mixing and matching to your heart’s desire. 

The Transformational Power of Clothes 

Thinking back to when we were kids remember the thrill of transforming into a princess, or a super hero? Dressing up as a kid is a magical world, all thanks to a pile of mismatched clothes and a vivid imagination. Wielding plastic tiaras, we were whoever we imagined, revelling in the transformative power of clothes. But somewhere around the ages of 5 or 6, that joy fades. Why does this happen? Perhaps self-consciousness starts to creep in? 
As we start going to school our social interactions become more structured. We start forming peer groups, and the desire to fit in becomes stronger. Social cues and peer pressure take hold. We want to conform and be the same as our friends. Also, societal expectations for girls often has us adhering to specific gender norms too. The vibrant princess dresses replaced by outfits deemed more "appropriate" for young ladies. This subtle messaging discourages our experimentation and fantasy that fuels dressing up joy. 
Then, as we hit our teenage years the pressure to conform can intensify. Next, we move into the professional world which can often dictate dress codes, and then, before you know it societal expectations around aging are further stifling our self-expression. Menopause comes knocking along with all the other trappings we’ve got lost in such as motherhood etc and then boom – who even am I? You look in the mirror one day and don’t recognise yourself. You’ve lost your sense of identity… 

Dress-Up : from Playground to Powerhouse 

However, all is not lost! There's an opportunity for us to reclaim that childhood magic. The secret is dopamine dressing and it holds real power for us especially as queenager solopreneurs. 
Dopamine dressing refers to the act of wearing clothes that make you feel happy and confident, it’s mood boosting and can ultimately boost your bottom line. 
The concept of dopamine dressing is real. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. Certain clothing choices can trigger dopamine release, leading to a mood boost and increased confidence. It's the science behind that "feel-good outfit." So, choose clothes that make you smile! 
Let’s look at how we bring back the magic of dressing up and integrate more stylegasms into our personal brand identity. 
1: Challenge Expectations: Ditch the societal pressure of “dressing your age.” Instead, create your own personal “dress-up box” filled with clothes that spark joy. This could be a vibrant scarf, a statement necklace, or even a pair of funky shoes. These pieces become your playful tools for expressing your unique identity. 
2: Embrace the "What If": Remember the days of dreaming up fantastical characters? Rekindle that spirit. What would your power outfit be? What colours or textures evoke joy and confidence? Experiment with different styles and see what makes you feel empowered. Embrace your confidence and wear what makes you feel powerful and beautiful. 
3: Themed Days: Set yourself little challenges or designate specific days for themed outfits. Think "Funky Friday" or "vintage vibes Wednesday." Etc, get some of your business buddies to join in and create a chat group to share pics of your outfits. This might inject a playful element into the workweek and spark your creativity. Surround yourself with others who appreciate individuality and self-expression. Share your outfits, compliment each other’s style, and encourage one another to embrace the joy of dressing up. 
4: Dress Up for Yourself: Let's face it, confidence comes from within. Dress for how you want to feel – powerful, creative, joyful. When you project confidence, you walk taller and your aura follows suit. 
5: Focus on Self Expression: Think of your clothes as a canvas for your personality. What message do you want to send out into the world today? Are you feeling bold, creative, or confident? Let your outfit reflect that. 
6: Celebrate Your Accomplishments: Did you land a new client? Close a big deal? Mark the occasion with a celebratory outfit! Dressing for success goes beyond just professionalism. It’s about celebrating your achievements and expressing your personal brand. 
7: Embrace the Power of Play: Schedule "dress-up dates" with yourself! Try on forgotten pieces from the back of your wardrobe, create new combinations, and don't be afraid to experiment. 
8: Challenge Norms: Rewire your wardrobe by incorporating unexpected elements. Mix textures, introduce pops of colour, or play with proportions. Reimagine your personal uniform and see where it takes you. 
9: Find Inspiration: Look to style icons who embrace individuality and playfulness. Channel your inner Iris Apfel or check outAdvanced Styleon fb or instagram, follow the #dopaminedressing or explore different styles and cultures for inspiration. Remember, there are no rules – wear what makes you feel good! 

Tangible Benefits of Dopamine Dressing 

If you’re not quite sure about something , try what I call the “supermarket test”. Go out in public wearing it just for a short trip (supermarket or similar) see how you feel. If you don’t feel ultra self conscious you increase the public outing incremently until the experimental outfit feels second nature. 
This playful approach to dressing isn't just about fun. It has tangible benefits: 
Boosts Confidence: When you feel good in what you're wearing, it translates into confidence that spills over into all areas of your life. 
Sparks Creativity: Playfulness fuels innovation. By experimenting with your style, you may unlock new ideas and approaches in your business as well. 
Combats Ageism: Refusing to be confined by societal expectations about age is a powerful statement. 
By embracing the joy of dopamine dressing, we can redefine what it means to be a kick ass successful queenager. It's about more than fading into midlife mediocrity and muted colours. It's about self-expression, confidence, and a reminder that we can be liberated from the ‘what will they think’ and being judged. Go forth and reclaim your dressing up box! Be a flamingo amongst the flock of pigeons. The world is your catwalk! 
Recalim the Power of Self Expression 
After all, being a successful solopreneur isn't just about the bottom line; it's about embracing your authentic self, and that includes the joy of expressing yourself through your brand identity. I hope this article has helped you see that dressing with joy is about more than just the clothes. It’s about reclaiming your power of self-expression. As a female solopreneur, you’re already a force to be reckoned with. Let your style reflect that inner strength and creativity. 
When you’re dressing for mood boosting magic you have an air of confidence, and you own your personal style. You carry yourself differently, you have a different energy about you, your people pick up on it. They want to be around your energy. Your vibe attracts your tribe. And what woman in business doesn’t want to be magnetically attracting ideal clients? This is a great reason for why you should aim for the feel good factor with your wardrobe. 
So how are you going to dress to boost your mood? For me it’s most likely to be something pink, possibly sparkly, sequins may be involved. You could always take advantage of my less than half price offer available only via this link
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