Feeling good in your clothes translates to feeling good about yourself.From Power Dressing to Dopamine Dressing 

Back in the day it was all about mahoosive shoulder pads and power dressing. To be perceived as successful in business, women thought they had to ramp up their masculine energy. They had big heels and big hair too, Elnette hairspray was your friend, to make you look like you had a lions mane. 
Workwear in general has got a lot more relaxed post covid (apart from if you’re a contestant on The Apprentice). Also, if you’re a solopreneur you’re more often likely to be ‘smart casual’ anyway. But wtf does that even mean, does anyone know? 
Well, I’m delighted to tell you there’s a new power player in town: dopamine dressing. Well, it’s not really new at all. It’s what I’ve been doing with my clients for the past ten years, it’s just the phrase is now more mainstream and being bandied around social media and people all of a sudden get it. It isn’t about trendy clothes (although those can be fun too if that’s your thing!), it’s about harnessing the power of colour and clothes to boost your mood, confidence, and ultimately, your success. 
Ever noticed how that awesome outfit can instantly lift your spirits? In 2012, Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire undertook a study and found that clothes with special meaning to you can even give you a mental edge. 
This totally backs up my theory of comfydence and stylegasms. I’m talking about the squeal of excitement and happy dance you do when you put something on that is PERFECT. 
You feel amazing, totally in the Goldilocks zone. This *thing* is even changing your body language. You’re standing differently, walking taller there’s an air of self-confidence radiating from you. You’re totally comfortable in your own skin...how exhilarating. 
Turns out, there’s science behind it. Wearing clothes you love triggers the release of dopamine, a brain chemical linked to happiness and motivation. Think of it like a built-in confidence booster. So ditching the scruffy, comfy leggings (we’ve all been there) and wearing a goldilocks outfit can help you boost your bottom line. 

How Clothes Can Boost Your Confidence and Success 

So here’s my quick guide to getting started with your very own dopamine dressing style. 
You can make a start by finding your “Happy Colours” and this is where colour analysis can be your BFF. It helps you identify colours that make your skin tone, eyes, and hair pop. Wearing your “happy colours” is a cheat code for looking and feeling radiant, which is a great first step to rocking dopamine dressing. 
But dopamine dressing goes way beyond just colours. It’s about embracing your unique style. Are you a total dramatic rockstar with a love for bold prints and statement pieces? Or maybe a chilled, natural, relaxed type who prefers comfort and casual with a low faff factor. Identifying your style personality helps you curate a wardrobe that reflects who you are, both inside and out. Your faff factor rating is influenced by your Style Personality Archetype. You can take my quiz here to learn about yours. 
There are 6 types: 
🦩 Elegant Chic 
🦩 Dramatic 
🦩 Romantic 
🦩 Natural Relaxed 
🦩 Creative Eclectic 
They are also a great starting point to help you figure out WHY you have all those clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear. We usually have a dominant primary type with influences from one or two of the other categories and when you understand how to get this just right you can have more stylegasms and feel comfydent on a daily basis. 
When you wear clothes that feel like “you,” you naturally project confidence, which is key for when you want to up your game in the business world. 

Confidence and Visibility are the Secret Weapons of Successful Women in Business 

The other thing I always do with clients is to get them to think about their ‘duck words’ and then have a vision of what these words mean to them so when they’re getting dressed or promoting themselves as their personal brand, that’s how they want to be perceived. 
"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” 
My duck words are - vibrant, fun, stylish, creative and sassy 
• Vibrant = lively, colourful, energetic 
• Fun = light-hearted, I don’t take myself too seriously 
• Stylish = I walk the walk and talk the talk, I have my own look 
• Creative = I like to inspire others to break the mould 
• Sassy = confident, a bit bold, cheeky at times 
For me, these words are the golden thread in everything about my brand; it’s not just about how I look. It’s about my posts on social media, it’s about the tone of voice of everything that I write and so on. This way people get a feel for me and know whether there’s a connection, whether they resonate with me, whether they think I’m a good fit for them, etc. 
So you can see how all this starts to come together and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin which then boosts your confidence The style of everything you put together to create an outfit is totally ‘you’. 
The impact of all of this means that you LOOK GOOD. 
Because you look good, you FEEL FABULOUS. 
Because you look good and feel fab you have an AIR of CONFIDENCE. 
Body language is hard to fake, when you know you look the BEST VERSION of YOU carry yourself differently. 
And this is where we start connecting with our personal brand, feel comfortable raising our visibility and ultimately boosting business. 
Here’s where we spill the real tea: confidence and visibility are the secret weapons of successful women in business. 

Feeling good in your clothes translates to feeling good about yourself 

So dopamine dressing can be your secret stash, to summarise: 
Confidence Boost: Feeling good in your clothes translates to feeling good about yourself. This aura of confidence lets you rock presentations, network like a pro, and basically own every room you walk into as your energy is vibing. 
Shine Bright, like a Diamond: Dopamine dressing encourages you to stand out from the crowd, like the flamingo amongst the pigeons. When you wear outfits that make you feel amazing, you naturally command attention and become unforgettable. Think of it as your own personal spotlight. NB it doesn’t have to be outrageously pink, leopard print and sequins if that’s not your thing. 
Level Up Your Network: Confidence and visibility are like magnets for amazing connections. Your vibe will definitely attract your tribe. Looking and feeling your best gives you the boost to put yourself out there and build a powerful network. Hello, dream clients and collaborations. 
More Money: Studies show that well-dressed professionals are often perceived as more competent and successful. It also accelerates the know, like, trust factor which ultimately translates to increased sales and can support you in a seriously impressive bottom line. 
If you’d like to learn more about how you can move towards more dopamine dressing have a think about taking advantage of my current offer of a Personal Brand & Style Strategy session for just £147 (usually £297) which is only available by using this special link or by my Suss Your Style in 30 Days DIY course here for just £27. 
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